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    help with my nook

      Hello, I am new here and I would like to keep my Nook, it is a gift and a lovely design, but...



      When I type in the keyboard, the pressing has to be very stable or I get numbers instead of the letters, typing is not going to be easy in this keyboard or I have to look for a pencil?


      2. My basic interest with a reader is getting Google Books, Internet Archive and others for my research. Finally I got more or less one or two into Nook but  you can't zoom in a pdf or do anything, so I do less with the reader that with my pc.


      3. I look basically for Spanish written books. I found for example, Vargas Llosa cultura del espectaculo in the web site. If I type  the title, it says none, if I write spanish books, none, if I type libros en español, the same. Do I have to turn my whole nook in Spanish?


      Do I have a solution for all this 3, because if this 3 basic things perform this way, Nook is not for me.

      Anyone has an idea?

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          Which device do you have? Are you typing a lot or a little? If its a lot, do a search on the boards for keyboards and if there are any recommendations.


          Pencil (eraser end, right?) isnt going to work on any tablet. Youll need a stylus.


          For pdfs, check out ezpdf or repligo reader. Both of them allow for zooming.

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            1) Pressing a letter will give a number only if


            a) Nook is slow for some reason (lots of apps are running or very large PDFs) and touches take long to process.




            b) Instead of a tap, you are pressing key for very long.





            2) There's no Nook or Kindle that's good for PDFs. Most PDF functions don't work very well. If you're primarily using PDFs then you'llhave to invest in a dedicated PDF app and probably an iPad.




            3) Neither Kindle nor Nook has very good range of Spanish Books. The Spanish Publishers, to the best of my knowledge, are cautious about the whole ebook thing and don't want to be at Amazon and b&N's mercy.


            So not sure how you can get a wide rang eof spanish books.




            The only solution you'll find is for the first. Make sure you don't have 20 dffernet things running.




            To be quite frank, the main use you specified (google books, internet archive, research) isn't very good on Tablets.


            Most PDFs are formatted for a large screen (A4 or letter sized sheets of paper) and most Tablet PDF Apps aren't very good.


            So you're looking at the wrong device. I've seen this same struggle for the last 4 years with eInk Readers and Kindle Fires and Nooks.


            People (especially graduate students and researchers) want a dedicated PDF Reader and it just doesn't exist.

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                Thanks for the advice on eZpdf reader. I am going to look into it.

                Of course I understand it is not design for PDF , it is an old format but Nook it one of the the most flexible of the e-readers according to the price.


                There are a lot of Spanish e-books  including in this catalog, but hard to find, not in the correct category. It should improve if everybody tries to make readers and book formats more universal and flexible.:smileyvery-happy:

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                To Nookgardner:


                Thanks for the pdf reader tip you mentioned.  I too was having problems with my HD+ and trying in vain to read a pdf file on it.  The print was too small for my old eyes.  :smileysad:

                I downloaded EZpdf reader last night and got it up and working this morning.  It took a bit to understand the program as there is no literature that comes with it.  I am now finally able to read pdf books with a print size that is viewable.  My only fault with the program is that you can't adjust the text size as far as I can see in all the settings areas.  But, it's tons better than the two readers that come on the HD+.


                Thanks again!


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                    @ campyrs, It may not be your eyes.  Sometimes the print is just too small!:smileywink:


                    eZpdf reader is one of the first apps I purchased when the store first opened.  The developer has made a number of improvements to it over the past few years.  And it has worked on every tablet device I have.  So like it a lot.  At one point, found a basic instruction guide for it.  Maybe his web page?  Agree you have to just mess around with it to figure it out. Here's some tips:


                    • When you have a pdf open, if you lightly touch the middle of the pdf it will bring up the various menu options available. (That's really the only thing you need to remember.)
                    • In the top right corner, if in "standard mode", there's a "T".  This is for text reflow (if the pdf has been built to allow for this function.)  If mainly a text document, this option is ok sometimes.  If has a lot of photos/graphs, find it easier to pinch/zoom and move around.
                    • In the bottom right corner is a zoom button.  So if you are in Text mode, you can zoom up to increase the font.  But it can make reading a little awkward --- you scroll down with your finger to move/finish the page, and hit the little upside down triangle to get to the next page.
                    •  Hit the bars in the upper left hand corner to get back to your pdf library (exit a particular pdf.)


                    Also, this app only reads drm free pdf's.  Hope this helps!

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                        Yeah, most PDFs are made for A4 size paper. So even 9" screens are a bit small for them.


                        And a lot of PDFs are not formatted well because they aren't tested on anything other than large screen PCs with 15" to 24" monitors.


                        Great tip on EZ PDF Reader Nook Gardener. Seems like it's a well done app.

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                      I don't know if this is the right place to write this but I kept my nook, after all the pro and con and because after reading all your replies, very helpful, I realize it takes a while to understand the whole thing, for example the ezpreader. Young people do it in seconds, but for older people like me it takes time. So, I take back my criticism of the Ezpreader.

                      The best, when a voice in a very correct Spanish read for me the Centon epistolario, a very rare Siglo XIX book from Cuban literature.

                      Now, still I have problems with sideloading books to the reader, but I believe I can manage.

                      I have an old Dell XP -an old friend of mine- that recognized the nook. Now all the pdf are correctly in the ezpreader but in my shelf they are like xj9(, strange signs.  I suppose I can delete them from the shelf and remain in the Ezpreader.

                      If someone has time one day, please, try to say the basic steps for sideloading. Should they go to my files, to BN download, where? I place them in BN and they went directly to the Ezpreader. How¡?

                      So, thanks to everyone. I hope I did the right thing.




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                          First you should get the update that adds Google Play Store. Lots of option for PDF readers etc.


                          Sideloading do you mean sideloading PDFs.


                          For those you just plug device into PC. It'll show up as a drive called MyNook. Go into that and go into 'Internal Storage' and then create a folder named PDFs and save there.


                          Now open any of the PDF reader apps you have and open up that same PDFs folder in the PDF reader app.