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    Oz the way it was meant to be - Fully Illustrated - many in Color

      Hello. I'd like to announce that we (Eltanin Publishing, I'm the Editor-in-Chief Cathy Ryan) have published two books from the Oz series that are formatted as superbly as humanly possible. The Marvelous Land of Oz and Ozma of Oz include all the originaly illustrations - and if the illustrations were in color, they are in these ebooks (In Marvelous Land of Oz, about 10% of the 130+ images are in color, and in Ozma of Oz, more than half of the 100+ are color). They each have a clickable table of contents as well as an all new preface by Oz expert and Eltanin editor Joe Nusbaum. They are also DRM-free, so you can freely move them around to all your ereading devices. Here are links to the books:


      The Marvelous Land of Oz [Illustrated]  




      Ozma of Oz [Illustrated]  




      We'd love some actual reviews (as opposed to people just clicking the stars), so keep that in mind if you buy one and enjoy it.


      Thanks for your time, and happy reading!


      Cathy Ryan

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          Our Oz books received a wonderful review!


          (also, use the links above, or search on "Eltanin Publishing" to find our books - B&N has incorrectly linked multiple different publishers' versions of the Oz books in such a way that you can't find them by searching on the title!)


          Eltanin gets it rightby "Saccenti"

          These works are available in the public domain. You can get all the Oz books at Project G, including illustrated versions of most. BUT. It is all in the formatting. This review is for the Eltanin Publishing editions, which as of this writing has done the second and third books of the series (Marvelous Land and Ozma). They have done a masterful job in these two efforts. It is all about the illustrations. I prefer my kids to read books on our iPad. But, for books with illustrations, I have them read the paper versions instead. I haven't forgotten the illustrations, even so many years later, of the books I read as a child. And so I want my children to have the same experience. So the test for whether a children's ebook makes the cut for me is in the quality of the pictures. For books like the Oz series, books that are in the public domain, this means how well a job did the editor do formatting the text and scanning the illustrations. Results vary widely. Always "download the sample" if you are buying them here at B&N. Another thing to consider: did the editor include ALL the illustrations. Perhaps some were omitted, on a rush job. These "editors" are taking things from the public domain, formatting them, and selling them for a couple bucks. Fine. But are they doing a good job? Are they being thorough? I am very picky about this. I want my kids to have ALL the pictures, every one. Otherwise we will just read the paper book. But for the Oz books, there is one additional wildcard. Even some very fine versions on Project G still omit a particular kind of illustration: the "first-word-in-the-chapter" illustration. Baum's original books (and these are what are in the public domain) began most chapters with an illustration, and the first letter of the first sentence was integrated into the illustration. Almost without exception, ebook editors have been omitting these illustrations when reproducing the Oz series. Even very nicely done versions (check out the Ozma of Oz illustrated version on Project G for an example), without these beginning chapter illustrations, are going to be missing a lot of artwork. The Eltanin versions get it right. Text formatting is perfect (one expects nothing less on this front). The scans of the illustrations are sharp and clear (this can vary widely for other publishers, always download the sample!). And ALL illustrations are included. I do hope they continue the series for the other 12 books of the series. I would be interested in any of their other children's book projects, if they continue on at this high standard.