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    NOOKPress Reports No Sales.

      As soon as NOOKPress came online my ebook sales with BarnesandNoble stopped dead. With Pubit I had sales, with NOOKPress I don't. Why is that? Why is it that NOOK Press is obviously not reporting sales? The ebook titles and the promo are the same, just no sales reported with NOOKPress. I emailed about this weeks ago, of course no reply. I plan to phone BarnesandNoble.com headquarters about this. This is the sort of thing that destroys reputations and businesses. IF Barnes and Noble wants to stay in the ebook business, they better do something, and fast.


      My sales with Amazon.com are being Reported as usual. The same ebook titles are involved with Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. This shows the problem is with BarnesandNoble.com. Since the only change at BarnesandNoble.com has been to substitute NOOKPress for Pubit, NOOKPress is where the problem must be coming from.


      Hey NOOKPress! Wake up and fix the Reporting Problem! Thank you.



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          I have continued to receive some sales, but have noticed sales from 3 days ago are not reported in the monthly report. Other reporting Yesterday and Today issues seem to be evident also. I am sure they are working on it. Let's be patient. It is a virtue. :smileywink:

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            I have been patient all this month. Do you also think they are working on replying to my email, after several weeks? It's a virtue to Report sales when they occur. I am sure there is no delay in Billing, then why with Reporting? FYI some people are shifting out of NOOKPress to other publishers/marketers. If NOOKPress will not Report sales, then there is good reason to look elsewhere.


            If you think things are bad now, just wait awhile. With Amazon and BandN both reporting losses, there is good reason to expect things will get worse. However there is a possible solution, see below.


            I recently posted a Commentary on my website Philduke.weebly.com titled "What the Ebook Industry Needs Is..." The gist of it is a monthly small fee for the privilege of having your ebooks formatted, published, marketed and sold. And for the ebook publisher's associated costs. Everyone is invited to read the entire commentary.

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              Hmmm, it is true, I noticed just now that while I had 49 books sold on the 17th, the monthly statement only shows 1 book sold. Today no reported sales which is highly unusual. I do get responses from them when I write, so I sent off a request to know if this is another glitch. When sending email, you must put your acct number or you won't get a reply.

              Sure it is a transitional problem as they update and switch over to Nook Press, and hopefully it will be fixed in a couple of days.


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                Thanks for the verification and acct. number info. I expect that before long you will be singing a different tune. There is no reason to expect a rapid or any resolution to this situation. Whether on purpose or by accident, the result is the same. You can kiss your payments good-bye like everyone else. Consider this- why should payments be reported and made, when they don't have to be?


                Read my Commentary on Philduke.weebly.com to see what the ebook industry needs.