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    Nook Tablet 1.4.2 - Keyboard Issues

      Was wondering if anybody else is having issues with the keyboard after the update to 1.4.2?


      It works fine (although it no longer suggests words anymore) when in portrait mode, but when I rotate the NT to landscape mode and try to type something, I get all kinds of mispelled words.  For example, if I hit the "T" ley it wil type t and maybe b or d.  Every key does this and the letters are random.


      It's almost like the NT forgot how the keys are laid out in landscape mode.

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          I also have had multiple problems with the keyboard in both landscape and portrait mode.  Certain keys do not work and others type the letter/number adjacent to the character I am trying to key-in.  Also it takes me several tries to "wake-up" my nook.  I think this related because all this touch screen activity is taking place in the same area of the nook's touch screen. 

          Also since the last software update my Nook has taken to turning pages by itself, opening the keyboard and randomly typing any number of keys.  I have been able to remedy the later part of this problem by Deregistering the device and restarting it.  But the Deregister did not cure the keyboard problem and the devise - if a read for a long period - will begin turning pages again by itself.  Is Nook coming out with a fix for these problems?

          I have been on live chat but have not gotten any answers.  They just tell me to do the Deregister, which I already do.

          Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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            krier32, a few things to try


            1) Clean your screen with a cloth.


            If there is dirt on your screen then it will mess up the touch.


            2) Turn the screen on and off. This will solve touch screen problems that are due to temprorary software glitches.