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    Is it a eReader or so much more???



      I have had the NC since Dec and really like it for iits originally intended use.  Recently I have seen the blogs and website devoted to "rooting" the NC to grow up to a mostly functioning Android tablet (considering the OS is try Android).  On one hand I can almost understand BN's reluctance to oen the NC up to this as it would allow users to go to the competition for reading media.  But on the other hand, wouldn't opening up the functionality give sales of the NC a big boost?  I understand margins are not as high hardware, but the price point they are selling the device at and knowing some of the true costs of electronics and development, BN is making a healthy profit on the device. 


      Consider the alternative.  If BN does not open up the NC, the price of tablets/pads are already dropping and it won't be long till the competition will be equal in price to the NC and have the eReader app on it.  It is already happening now and there is no BN trademark to steer people to their store for books.  At least on the NC, you start off with buying books from BN and as long as the value is good, there is no reason to change.


      Something that BN should consider.


      I have not rooted my system....yet, but it is quite tempting.


      Your thoughts?



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          I believe B&N ls well aware of the market they are in. The Nc was put out as an Ereader with extras. I don't think they want to try and compete in the much different tablet market. I would say that more then 1/2 to 3/4 of the competitors will fail. Sometimes a smaller yet somewhat stable market is safer. In this Ereader market the NC seems to me, the best for the $$. Nobody can truly predict how it will go. I do know that the more bells abnd whistles a device has the more problems users will face. As stated her many times, these boards are a bad example of the NCs over all stability. I think there is only a small number of unhappy NC owners. They have stepped up and deliverd with 2 updates in very short time addressing our issues. If you bought the NC for what it was advertised to be then your list of complaints should be few. JMHO

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            I'm sure that there will soon be apps, either through B&N or otherwise.  But don't confuse the NC with an Ipad or other tablet computer.  It's a great high end e-reader; I think it is the best.  But it is not a full featured tablet and if perceived that way then it would fall short.  I think B&N is doing the right thing by slowly easing into the market and slowly adding updates and functionality that are well thought out and with few bugs.  Quality of innovation is more important than speed of innovation at the moment.

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              Rooting or jimmeing is a dangerous proposition and usually ends up bad. I have seen posts on other forums that seem to prove this out. Scuttlebutt says B &N will upgrade eventually to a 2.0 but walk before you run Grasshopper. If you can't wait buy a tablet computer but @ 3x the $$$$$ I like my NC. I do wish it would play flash media but oh Well!
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                Please note, B&N is not Selling the Nook or Nook color nor is Amazon selling the kindle for that matter, to sell a ton of devices to make a profit, they are selling them at a deep discount to drive the sale of E-books.  If B&N opened the Nook Color too much, you could install the kindle reader on it and you could then buy from Amazon instead of B&N.


                If too many Nook colors are sold and rooted and not driving Nookbook sales, the price of the NC will go up or it will be discontinued.  B&N makes very little, if any, profits from the nook or nook color but from the nookbooks we buy for it.