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    I was fooled! Live Chat Support is a Lie!

      I thought they finally offered tech support with Nook Press, so I spent hours setting up a title after being off Nook for a while. When I had a problem and talked to live chat, they said they can only help with "site navigation" and cannot help with technical issues. They then gave me an email address to contact. Those were a few hours I could not afford to spend. This is the whole reason I left Pubit in the first place. Hopefully this form might help with some things. 


      Note to newbies: Pubit never responded to emails. I've been waiting months for responses to a couple tech support questions. 

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          Breaking news: Nook Press's email support team finally exists! Less than 24 hour turnaround.


          The only problem is that they didn't read my question and instructed me to click "preview book" to preview the book and that was it. Very strange. 

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              That is what happens when you have contact people whose native language is not English. I advise sending the question again. And again. My question is over a week old, here it is- "Why is it my BandN ebook paid sales are not being Reported? Please correct this situation, thank you." No reply.


              No reply, no correction, no sales. Later on, no NookPress. Why bother publishing and wasting time checking for sales, when there never is any? Prior to NookPress there were sales, since NookPress no sales! can this be called progress? I do not think so.


              Here is another picture from my ebook "Principles of Flight." Someone please buy it and let me know, thanks.


              Schematic of a jet aircraft.

              ijet plane.jpg



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              LOL. Don't feel bad. I was fooled too. I'm sure many were...


              Don't be fooled by email "support" either. A computer program will scan your email for a few key words, and paste back a set script. Not even a relevant script, odds are.




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                I thought that at first, too, but I actually had two different chat sessions with the support team today.


                They weren't able to solve my problems (they just provided a lot of basic information I already knew), but they were polite and I connected almost immediately.


                I'd actually recommend the feature- talking to a person who can't help is faster and much less frustrating than reading a whole manual and realizing the answer wasn't in there.