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    Overdrive Media Console app?

      Will there be a Nook Color version of the Overdrive Media Console app?  This would let me access my library's epub format books directly.

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          Try using the forum search.  There have been a few discussions on this topic, none of which will probably bring you any encouragment unfortunately.


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            If your local library offers digital downloads, you will need a library card and a PIN.  Using your Nook Color web browser, go to the library's website and look for a link referencing Digital Downloads. That will take you to a website hosted by Overdrive.com where you can install the Adobe Digital Editions reader. 


            If you are using the B&N stock operating system, you will need to download library books onto your compuer (use the same setup instructions as above on your PC) and then "side load" them onto your NOOK Color.


            If you are using the Android operating sustem, you can download the Overdrive Media Console from the Overdrive.com website, and download library books directly onto your device..

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              I'm a new nook color owner; how disappointing that you can't download a library book directly to the device unless it's rooted and you use the Overdrive app? That's primarily why I got it... I mean - it's an EREADER.... The overdrive app is available for everything EXCEPT the eReader! I hope this is addressed soon.  I love my nook, but was a little disappointed about having to download a book to my PC, use ADE, then sideload (is that the correct term?) the book to the nook.  Not that it's a huge task, just seems a little cumbersome given that we have devices with wifi, and it's supposed to be a book-reading-friendly device! Any gossip on when the overdrive app will be available for the nook?   :smileysad:

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                You don't need an app to download library books. You do need the Overdrive on your computer. You don't even need the Adobe Digital editions to transfer the library books to the Nook Color. You download the Library book from your local online Library. Then just go into windows explorer. connect your Nook to your computer & drag or copy & paste the download file into the "Digital Editions" folder under your Nook listed in the explorer. It will show up on your Nook. very easy.