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    Parental control for Nook Color

      I want to lock down the internet on the Nook so my child is unable to see violent and pronographic websites.  How can I do that?


      Thanks for you help!

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          If you root it there may be a way, but not with the stock browser. Sorry.
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            Doing it on the device might require changes to Android.  The new kernel supports Droidwall, which is a firewall, but as currently written Droidwall is primarily controlling which applications can talk to the internet, rather than offering a "lockdown" option for specific content. 


            If you want to use Droidwall for blocking the internet except when you are around, you would need to


            1) root your NC

            2) install droidwall

            3) set a password on droidwall

            4) leave droidwall set to block the browser from communicating with the internet.  If you wanted to enable access, you'd launch the app, enter your password, grant permission, and save your changes. 


            You'd do better to use OpenDNS on your router, and then choose what classes of things you want to block on every computer at your house, not just the nook. 


            OpenDNS supports category filtering and it lets you do the settings just once for a given router.


            Another option would be to change ISPs to an ISP that filters the internet before it reaches your residence.  There are ISPs out there who do this.  

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              jemmy22 wrote:

              I want to lock down the internet on the Nook so my child is unable to see violent and pronographic websites.  How can I do that?


              Thanks for you help!

              If your kid uses the Nook Color only at home, it may be possible to block internet access from the firewall on your wireless router. Depends on the capabilities of your wireless router. At the very least you should be able to prevent your wireless router from assigning the Nook Color a IP address through your router's DHCP console (either by filtering out the Nook Color's MAC address, or in reverse, by only allowing your other devices to be assigned an IP address based on their MAC address. This process is called MAC address filtering)


              It if sounds complicated it's because it is, to some extent. Also, you'd have to log into your router's firewall to change the settings back every thime you want to access the internet through the Nook Color (even just to go to the B&N book store).

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                jemmy22 wrote:

                I want to lock down the internet on the Nook so my child is unable to see violent and pronographic websites.  How can I do that?


                Thanks for you help!

                There is no way with a stock NC to lock down the internet, and even with "lock downs" new inapprorpriate sites show up all the time.  


                The very best method is YOU watching YOUR child while they use the NC.    And YOU training YOUR child what types of things are not appropriate.


                But be aware, no matter what you do...your child will be exposed to inappropriate content either at home, a friend's house, school, library or anyother place.    Thus the training you give your child will help determine if they pass the inappropriate content by or get interested.


                IT's that simple.




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                  It is almost impossible to lock down any device even with parental controls.  My daughter was always horse crazy and would use Google or other search engines to look up horse related things.  I had all the sites I could think of blocked but every time she did a search, up popped porn.  Same with school projects and research.  All any of us can hope is that we planted the right seeds and the kids listened enough to let them grow.

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                    Love all the wise words of parenting wisdom that come along with these threads. lol Sheesh, write a book if your so keen to school parents on the pitfalls of raising kids.


                    She asked if there were parental controls on the NC not HOW to parent.

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                      I want to recommend that everyone here take a look at openDNS as part of your antivirus / antimalware protection.  You can do more with it, but that's the main reason I first started looking into it. 


                      What openDNS does is tell your computer where internet resources are located.  To get the answer, the computer has to ask for the resource.  OpenDNS compares the request to its very large database of domain names and addresses. 


                      It is useful for keeping your computers from picking up "drive-by" downloads.  If a legit website has been compromised and now contains links to malicious sites buried in the page, openDNS can help quite a bit.  By default, it blocks you from spyware and malware.  You can add other things to your list as well.


                      It is the closest thing I know of a to a commercial grade filter that can be used at home. 


                      Since there are a gazillion websites, manually maintained lists just don't work.  OpenDNS does a lot of cloudsourcing of its data, sharing URLs with other security systems. I set up any home router I work on to use openDNS as its DNS resolver. 

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                        It is not that simple. Kids come across inappropriate content by typing simple words. One site leads to the next..... Children are drawn to the forbidden fruit and immensely curious. Having a way to search history and restrict content is critical. Our relatives gave our kids Nook colors for Xmas. We are now being put in a terrible position. Our kids laptops have high security mode which blocks most inappropriate content and games. They can search and explore the Internet safely. This cannot be that difficult for B&N to configure, and frankly they are missing the boat. Quit judging these parents and blaming them. I know plenty of parents with your attitude and their kids have fooled them too. I have had to disable the Internet from their nooks and it is only a matter of time before they figure out how to turn them on. Sadly, we cannot let them take them to their rooms either. We are going to look into a firewall setting on our modem. B& N, take heed. Parents want Internet security to block pornography and violence on our children's Nooks. The Internet has lots of good for them to access, but there are many harmful sites as well.