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    Nook HD+ very slow

      I used to have a Nook Color, and it ran perfectly and was happy, but I wanted the the larger screen, crisper display, and the Google play store and so bought a new HD+. I downloaded the 100+ books that I ordered, and sideloaded the 40,000+ books onto a class 10 (fast) 32 gig SD card. After that the Nook runs very slow. Clicking Library takes 20 secs to load, and selecting "Books" takes 6-10 minutes. Trying to scroll thru the books locks up after a few hundred. The Nook Color had no problems with this.


      I've tried fully powering off the HD+ and restarting, no improvement.


      I know someone will wonder, how do I have 40K books? Easy. Project Gutenberg (anyone with an e-reader should know this address), and the company I work for has a large number (15K+) of in-house publicly available non-copyright docs available for techs to study and use (ex - ICANN docs, TOS, PHP command reference, known (forbidden) flaws in PHP...)


      I'd like to get the full use of my HD+. Anyone have any ideas on how to make the HD+ faster when trying to use a large collection?


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          40,000!!!! Yikes! You win! Dont think have seen anyone with that many books before! 


          Trying to "scroll" through that many documents would be painful (even if it didnt lock up.)



          1) Have you tried the "Search" feature? Finding what you want that way?

          2) What about  the "Open Explorer" app? (Yes, I am assuming that you are using some kind of sub-file structure to manage that many documents/books.)

          3) Since you're sideloading most of them, you could try the Calibre Companion app. Have no idea how it will respond to that many documents though.  If the app works, would give you ability to manage/find docs through use of metadata.


          Let us know what you find out! Good luck!:smileyvery-happy:

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            SD card classes are write speed, not read speed, so the class has nothing to do with how fast your device indexes the files.

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                Class 10 cards are rated on the basis of streaming a single large file (video) to a freshly formatted card.


                Class 6/4/2, OTOH, are rated for accessing a fragmented, multiple file condition (photos and music, where one may have deleted some items then copied more stuff to the card).


                While it would be nice to assume that a Class 10 will be faster than a Class 6 when using it for general small file I/O, the specification does not require that.

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                Probably you should just forget about using the Library thing. Install ES File Explorer and use that to search for and open books. Alternatively, some reader apps have their own library management (but they can be slow too - FBReader is a decent app in general, for example, but it can't handle lots of books without slowing to a crawl).