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    Introducing "FOUR WORD ASSOCIATION" - Hidden word puzzle game

      FOUR WORD ASSOCIATION - Hidden word puzzle game

      Unravel the hidden word! Exercise your brain,
      sharpen your mind, and exponentially improve your

      * 250 levels over 5 difficulty modes.
      * Intuitive controls.



      On the game board, you are given four clue words.
      Your job is to figure out the hidden word using
      word associations related to the clues.

      Word associations can be synonyms, antonyms,
      compound words, sound alike words, and any word
      describing the hidden word.



      If the four clue words are not enough to figure
      out the hidden word. You can use hints, to unravel
      a hint, tap on the hint cover to reveal another clue.

      As another clue the in-game keyboard contains the
      hidden word letters but shuffled. The keyboard keys also
      contains non-related letters to add to the challenge.

      Once you unravel the hidden word you level up!





      Click the link below to get game for your Nook!


      FOUR WORD ASSOCIATION - Hidden word puzzle game