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    Nancy Drew Ebooks

      I remember reading a while ago someone requesting Nancy Drew for ebooks. 

      They weren't available at the time, but they're all out there now!!  $5.99 They all came up when I searched my Nook, but you have to search Carolyn Keene to find them on the the B&N Website for some reason.  I'm not sure how long they've been availabIe. I downloaded


      The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew Series #1), Vol. 1  


      to read just for old times sake!

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          In my original copy of The Secret of Shadow Ranch, Nancy was knitting a sweater for either Ned or her father at the beginning.  At the end, she said she could finally finish the sweater for the other one (can't remember the order).  The copy that's in my classroom has them in sync.  So, I may have to purchase the e-book to see what it does regarding the sweater.


          They're also Lend Me books!

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            That's interesting, it would be good to buy them for a trip on memory lane.


            But I'm not sure that a 30 cents difference beween HC & EB is appropriate for an 80 year old book, especially when they have the HC on clearance for $1.99!


            I would buy them for $1.99.

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              I was recently thinking about Nancy and hoping for some ebooks! Thanks for the info. Now we need to see some Nancy on Free Fridays! Hint! Hint!

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                I still have original copies from the 60s that my mom gave to me when I was a kid.  But there were always one or two that I couldn't track down, I will have to ebook them :smileyhappy:

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                  I had the complete set as a young girl and loved them!!!!  Unfortunately, all but one or two of my books were burned in a house fire about 15 years ago.  The Nancy Drew books would fall into the category of ones I would buy in DTB form just to have and pass along.  They were the center of my reading world for a long time which makes them very special "friends" of mine :smileyhappy:  I am going to have to go and check to see how many BN has available as both DTB and eBook versions.

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                    I have stacks of the old Nancy Drews in boxes in my attic.  They were my mom's from the late 50s to early 60s.  I loved those books.  I think I started reading through them when I was about 7.  I also have stacks of the paperback Nancy Drew books they wrote and published in the mid 80s.



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                      Thanks for starting this thread.


                      It made me think of the Rick Brant series that I enjoyed so much in the early grades so I went looking for them -- and found a bunch of them in the public domain at Gutenberg. :smileyvery-happy: