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    Color nook and email

      I just got a color Nook and really like it but, I cannot get my email. Every time I call customer service they have me do the same thing - it's really annoying! After I put in my email and password and hit next it says "setup could not finish unable to open connection to server" so then I try manual set up and after being sure all information on these pages is done correctly and doing next it says the same thing.  All customer service basically does in make me repeat this over and over.  I have Verizon,could this be the problem, I even called them and they gave me a pop3 number and it still doesn't work! Can anyone help me?

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          I know this may sound dumb, but you didnt mention it...is your wifi turned on and are you connected? Jeremy
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              Yes, and no such a crazy question. Best news is I just kept doing "stuff" and finally it worked. Like magic!

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                  I have had to reset my nook color this week, forgot my sign in info for bn.com and they made me reset it and re-ad devise to a new bn account. lost all lend me friends, over 100 and cant get email to work at all. same error message u are getting.  Figure Ill try again in the morning then call customer service if it doesnt work.  Not sure what else to do.


                  Add me if you like.


                  Cathykingdailey@gmail.com, but beware, it might take me some time to accept the add, i cant do that either.

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                I have a bellsouth.net email and have been trying to set up my email and enter all types of servers and pops and it gets to "checking server settings" and keeps freezes up on me.  I then have to turn off and turn back on - does anyone know the server settings for bellsouth.net email?  Just got my nook last night and already frustrated!