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        I have asked for a refund and they are pretty adamant about sticking to the 14 day refund rule. At least they are by phone, maybe you will have better luck at an actual store.


        I don't care how many times they have to replace mine at this point though.  I'm not purposely looking for a reason to send it back, but If there is anything wrong with it I am requesting another replacement.


        I hope you have better luck than me. 


        kkaarraa11 wrote:

        I have had the EXACT same issue.  I have taken mine back 2 times(not both to the same stores so it wasnt a bad batch) and am now on my third NOOKcolor.  It is doing the exact same thing. I will be getting a refund on my NOOKcolor and all the books I bought, which I now cannot read.


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          My Nook goes crazy in high humidity conditions.  I'm pretty sure the humidity will do it and not just a wet finger.

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            I have found that sometimes with nookcolor that if the battery gets to a certain point...it will start to act a bit erratic... such as what was described.


            The ones I use on a regular basis have done it a couple of times, but not always.  The closer to dead the thing thinks it is, the more random it will act and refuse to respond to you.


            I have seen this happen even with the charge looked to be atleast at 50%...which I thought was ridiculous to act like it.


            However, if you experience it ALL the time, not just when the battery is getting low...but even after a fresh charge, I would recommend taking it in or calling nook support and seeing about getting a replacement.

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              Mine did it after having it 4 days and only when plugged in the wall.  It would go through book pages, email and other apps.  Also the tabs would pop in and out of the screen.  Tech support told me to take it back to my BN to exchange.

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                iPad has a Nook app.  Get one of those and you can still read everything in your library without the glitches.


                I doubt I will get another when this dies.  Mine doesn't always do it and a hard shut down and reboot is the only thing that makes it stop.  I can go months with heavy reading, and no reaction.  Battery levels don't seem to affect it and I haven't noticed any difference in a clean vs. dirty screen.  I think it's just crappy software bugs they never bothered to fix.  They don't do updates and patches (like Apple) so we're just stuck with what we've got.


                Face it, for $100 to $200 bucks, it's a pretty okay device.  I expect before this dies I will inherit the Mr.'s iPad so he can get the new one and it will all be moot.

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                  My wife's Nook Color started acting very erratically, much as described in these posts. She had installed a screen protector. Looking very closely I noticed a tiny hair caught under one corner of the protector. Removing the hair solved the problem.

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