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    Trouble Waking Up My Nook

      The past few weeks I've been having trouble getting my Nook Tablet out of sleep mode. I have had to push the "N" button 2 or more times to get the device to do anything. I had to unregister and set back to factory 3 weeks ago due to batter drain issues. I've had this issure occassionally before the factory reset but it is now worse. Do I need to do yet ANOTHER factory reset?

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          Let's try and isolate the issue first.


          Have you installed and sideloaded any files or books recently?


          Have you made any changes to the tablets settings?


          Try removing the SD card and then see if the problem persists. If it does, something on the SD card, or the SD card itself not working.


          If none of these issues solve your problem, erase and deregister again and if the issue persists take it to B&N or call tech support.


          Reply if you need any more help.

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              I have not sideloaded anything recently. I do have books sideloaded from Calibre but it's been at least a month since I did that and this issue existed before I sideloaded those books. I don't have an sd card. No new apps. The only apps I have installed were right after I got my nook in December and a few in January. I rarely use my apps. Some of the apps are Olive Tree Bible, Solitare, Hangman, Connect 4 type game, that popcorn game,angry birds and a few others I can't tink of at the moment. Olive Tree and Solitare are the ones I use the most. I don't use animated wallpapers. I have sideloaded regular wallpapers but don't have any currently on my nook(since I did a factory reset a few weeks ago).

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              Can you please tell me how to do a factory reset?

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                To get your nook color out of sleep mode, you might try holding down the home button (n) and the power button at the same time for 20 seconds.

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                  My new nook(tablet) just failed to come out of sleep mode.  I plugged it in and let it sit 5 minutes and it came on with the "read forever" thing which is usually bad news (this is my second nook, they gave me a new one at the store when the "tech" couldn't hard start my other "new" one)  Anyways, this time it started up with the home screen after the "read forever" somehow  I checked the battery (which I knew was charged) and it was at 98%)  So I don't know what happened. We know it wasn't a low battery though.  These things are having problems and B&N needs to address them.  My other brand new Nook Tablet did the same thing as I was saying.  At least he gave me a new one at the store cause I read somewhere else that they made the person send it in or wait for one mailed to them instead of replacing it from store stock which is ridiculous.  I probably didn't help you with anything but maybe plugging it in the charger and then hitting the upper left button helped me and it could help others.