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    All I want is monopoly!

      I orginally decided on getting the nook tablet over a kindle because I liked the idea that it had better hardware, and you could put your own memory into it to increase storage.  But after using my mom's kindle fire, I am shocked at the price differences between apps.  Now, I would be more than willing to support B&N by buying aps, but there needs to be more of them!  I love the game monopoly, but it is nowhere to be found in the ap store.


      The chess ap that comes with the nook is pretty lame, especially compared to a free one (ad supported) that you can get on the kindle.  I really hope that B&N is working something out with advertisers so they can offer more free versions of games, or just more games in general period.


      Over all I'm very satisfied with my nook, I just wish the ap selection was up to snuff with the hardware.  I mean imagine all the cool things you could do with the built in mic?!  Why can't we have a version of skype on there?!  Talk to the devs, get stuff rolling B&N!!