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    Gospel of Ruth not free?

      The link to the Zondervan title "The Gospel of Ruth" doesn't seem to work, it goes to a search page headed by LDS scriptures.


      I did a search and no nookbooks are shown. Has this been withdrawn already? Just trying to keep the OT out of the No OT threads. :smileyvery-happy:

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          Looks like. It says "A new copy is not available from Barnes & Noble.com at this time." It's still free at Amazon, though, so it sounds like one of those B&N server spasms.


          One thing you can say about dealing with BN.com: it's rarely "the same old same old" day after day. They're always coming up with new tricks to keep us customers piqued, like taking away the 0.00 search from NOOK but leaving it on the web site.


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              Oh gosh, thanks for the chuckle. :smileyvery-happy:


              Now even the "not available" is displayed on a search. Guess I'll keep an eye on it and try later on this evening.


              And that's odd, the 0.00 search works on both of my nooks.


              EDIT -- Ah, I see in the thread that Karen also picked up on the Gospel of Ruth. Wow, that is short lived.

              • The whimsical behavior of BN.com

                Getting a bit serious, though... it's been frequently claimed that one of the factors that brought Borders crashing down was substandard computer systems. The reports say that B&N has a relatively nice system for handling stores and their printed books and periodicals, while Borders was trying to keep a 30-year-old IT system creaking along.


                So B&N Retail has reasonably good software, while BN.com has ... well, it's better than Borders.com, but to even try to compare it to Amazon would be a laugh.


                B&N CEO William Lynch was promoted from BN.com, and I'd hoped that meant that he'd be putting more emphasis into that side of the company. I'm starting to wonder if, instead, maybe he's blind to just how messed-up BN.com's technology is.


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                  Yeah, Amazon is trying to kill the free searches, too. They've dumped many thousands of public domain books onto the catalog this month, all thru DTP apparently, so they cant be filtered out of searches (and most are miscategorized, also, so searches for this month's free books are somewhat dead, as you can't display more than 4,000 or so before it balks and wont let you have more resullts (that only takes you part way thru one day, if sorting by publication date). At least once you find them, A and BN make it easy to purchase them (even if BN has some pricing issues about every other week, it seems). With Borders, you have to jump thru hoops to get most free books (and you definitely don't want to try on a kobo wireless); on the plus side, they forget to remove the free books for quite a while, so you can sometimes get them there weeks later (if they actually list a book as free, which they don't always do).