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    Words with Friends vs. Scrabble

      I used to love to play Scrabble except now the app no longer seems to work too often when trying to play with friends.  What I loved about Scrabble was that there is a dictionary to check to see if words exist and it has the option to play against the computer.


      Words with Friends does not have the option to play alone against the computer and it does not have a look up dictionary BUT it does work when playing with friends.  I wish it could add the option to play the computer - but at least it works all the time with online opponents. 


      It is too bad that Scrabble has had these problems.  I went ahead and archived this app and hopefully if and when these connection issues get resolved, I can reinstall and enjoy it again.


      In the meantime, thank you Words with Friends for being such a reliable app! 

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          Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the Scrabble App!  I love scrabble and play it all the time.  I don't have the Words with Friends App simply because there is no option to play against the computer when I want to, sooo I will never purchase the words with friends app because of this lack of options.  Hopefully Scrabble will start working for you again soon.