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    New to Pubit and Pubit vs Smashwords?

      I'm new to pubit and had a couple of questions please


      1. What is the advantage of publishing direct into pubit vs letting smashwords handle it for you? Seems easier letting smashwords do it but are you getting less money that way vs going direct?


      2. as I am based in Canada, when i published with amazon, createspace and smashwords I had to send three W8-BEN forms with my EIN number on it so they wouldn't withhold tax, I gather i would have to do the same with BandN. Anyone know the address to send it too and how fast they are in processing it for your account?


      3. does B&N if you pubit only create a digital version for the NOOK or do they create a paperback one as well? ( for instance my paperback on amazon is handled by createspace, does B&N pubit just handle digital version?)


      4. What file version do you have to upload and anyone recommend a service for getting my book ready for pubit?


      Thanks kindly



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          You have to use Smashwords. B&N only takes US for Pubit. Use your file that got through Smashwords. There is a 15% to Smashwords as they distribute your book. It's worth it. For paper books, you use createspace for B&N as well You can link the same ebook and paper book together.

          If you have any questions, just ask. Someon will answer.

          Good luck and hope to see you in forums.

          I'm US and I used a Word 2003 saved as .doc file. It went well.

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            Strayer's right, since you're Canadian, you have to go through Smash to distribute to BN. But they'll pick up your paperback and link it to your ebook once its live on Createspace :smileyhappy:


            And Hi Jon, Welcome to the Pubit forum :smileyhappy: