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    Anyone can help with Email App feature?

      I know we are All excited on the new apps. However, I need help with the email app.  I don't know the difference between the POP and IMAP, security type, port, etc that is required. Thank you.

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          I'm really bad at this too, but I'll try to help.  In my experience, the IMAP email is sort of like the cloud based email service like hot mail, and gmail (my yahoo will not set up, but I think that's a Yahoo thing).  Anyway, my home computer email, like roadrunner is a Pop).  You may need to go into your computer's email account and get the settings information.  I know that I needed to contact Time Warner for the settings on my mobile phone. 


          When I set my Mac mail & Gmail up on my NC, all I had to do was type my email address & password.  The NC did the rest.


          I hope someone who really knows what they are talking about fills in...Like I said, I'm not very good at this.

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              Yes.... Yahoo will set up just fine, on Nook Color or Tablet.


              Incoming settings:  Username = full Yahoo email address.  / IMAP server:  imap.mail.yahoo.com // Security type:  SSL  // Port:  993.  IMAP path prefix: " Optional " (so don't put one....).


              Outgoing Yahoo settings:  SMTP Server:  smtp.mail.yahoo.com // Security type:  SSL  // Port:  465 


              For Cox (or other providers)  be sure to put Outgoing SMTP settings for the DEFAULT email provider (Yahoo, in my case).  For Incoming Cox, Pop3 is:  pop.west.cox.net //  Security: SSL  //  Port:  995.

              Of course, if you live back East.....put:   pop.east.cox.net.   ;-)


              Reboot by holding your power and "n" key at the same time, after inputting the settings.  Enjoy!  














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              What email service are you trying to setup?


              With a bit of information someone here can probably help.


              for Pop the 'std' ports are:

              pop (incoming) 110

              smtp (outgoing) 25


              Some services require different types of authorization.


              ssl pop port is usually port 995


              For IMAP:

              incoming 143

              incoming with ssl 993


              Outgoing 25


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                If you tell us what service you are trying to connect to (We don't need your email address, just what's after the '@'), we can probably help you.

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                  POP and IMAP are two different types of ways you can access your e-mail.


                  POP is an older (outdated in many people's opinion) method of accessing your e-mail. When you use POP you are basically just downloading your e-mail off the server and directly to the device. With POP you can only access your Inbox folder.


                  IMAP is a method of accessing your mail on the server where you can manipulate your messages on the server and have it reflected universally. This is usually the recommended method if you are accessing your mailbox from multiple devices as your mail will always be consistent between computers. The one drawback to IMAP is that you have to have an active internet connection to be able to access your e-mail.


                  Here's a good overview from Gmail about how it might affect your workflow:




                  It would help if you posted who your e-mail service provider is (i.e. @Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). Most providers will have easy how-to instructions somewhere on their website.




                  I am having difficulty trying to set up my   @telus.net account. ( a POP account ). Any help there?





                  I highly recommend that you use IMAP. But these look like the settings you need:




                  If you do choose to use POP you probably want to make sure that you select the option to "leave mail on server" otherwise you'll be downloading all of your e-mails on your NookColor and won't be able to access them from anywhere else without some extra legwork.


                  • trouble setting up Yahoo email on Nook Color

                    "unable to open connection to server" is the message I keep getting. I'm trying to set up as IMAP.

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                      Has anyone found a way to get Road Runner email working on the Nook Color?



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                        I just spent 3 hours attempting to get pop3 to work with gmail. FORGET IT. The implementation of pop on the nook color has too many problems to make it workable.

                        POP works much like an old point to point phone connection in that you ask for mail to be delivered to you from a server and the server sends it to you. Generally speaking, a copy of that mail remains on the server until you sign on and delete it from your PC.

                        With the introduction of wireless networks and more advanced technology, IMAP came to be. As opposed to a one way conversation, it essentially operates as a two way conversation in that email is still delivered to your "remote device", but once you have read a particular email, it is marked on the server as "read". Also, if you delete it from the remote device, then it will be deleted from the server via a TWO WAY conversation.

                        I configured my gmail account for IMAP and then went to the Nook and did the same and tested it all and it appears to be working fine. I would recommend that you use this configuration as opposed to POP.

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                          I have pop email working just fine on our nook tablet. Well, by fine I mean it sends and recieves mail. But , it does not seem to really download the email. I say that becuse if I have a message in the inbox on the nook and then go to the pc and access the email account, which then downloads the mail to the pc, the message disappear from the nook. Not the way a pop3 is suppose to work