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    Product Page problems

      On My Titles page everything looks fine, however when I use the action button to view the product page I noticed problems with both my titles.


       The product page for Dead Lee Presents Haunted Chicago doesn’t show the cover image, but it does show up on the My Title Page.


       The product page for Dead Lee’s Guide To Haunted Chicago has some odd symbols in the title. These symbols only appear on the product page. Also this title has the same cover problem as the title above.

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          Hiya Petz,


          Regarding your Dead Lee's Guide To Haunted Chicago, it looks like bad html coding showing up.  This happens in web browsers sometimes when one type of punctuation mark isn't recognized correctly.  ASCII marks will show up properly, I believe.  Is it possible you copied and pasted your title instead of typing it into the line?  If so, there may have been formatting from your word document or whatever program you were using that didn’t "translate" appropriately.  Try going back into you page and editing the title by deleting it and typing it out. 

          If that doesn’t work, you could try finding a basic apostrophe online, or better yet, typing it into a text editor like notepad, which doesn’t include formatting, and cutting and pasting from there.

          But I think your best bet will be to retype your title and save.