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    Sideloaded apps - Desktop shortcut?

      I set up ADB and can now sideload apps onto my Nook HD+. Unfortunately, the only way to launch the apps is through the hidden "Extras" menu which is a pain to get to, especially since the app I loaded is an alternate ebook reader (FBReader). Has anyone figured out a way to add a shortcut onto your desktop to a sideloaded app? I don't really want to root just yet -- I'd rather wait for a stable Cyanogen Mod Jelly Bean version.
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          install a launcher - zeam or adw are both popular - and when you unlock your device next, it will ask you how you want to handle the app - with the Home app or with the new launcher.  


          Choose the new launcher (but don't default to it until you're sure you like it) and you will have an app drawer with your sideloaded apps and some but not all of the BN apps.  


          I used Anycut to put a library shortcut onto my Zeam desktop, so I can use the BN reader when I like.


          There is also a way to trigger an app drawer involving (I think) holding down the volume up button while displaying the BN apps on the device, but I've never gotten it to work reliably.  

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            I agree with roustabout that you should sideload a launcher. I'm using Nova Launcher and was able to make shortcuts to the library, shop, and default nook home with it.