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      I watched the presentation of the Nook Color on HSN this morning, and the guy said that HSN customers are "guaranteed" to get the update by the end of April, and "who knows" when everyone else will get theirs.  I personally think that everyone will have an equal chance at being one of the first ones to get the update, but I thought the interesting part of this was the fact that he said "guaranteed" by the end of April.
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          I was hoping for Monday but who knows when it will be available.

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            What time did you watch? The Nook is on their schedule for 4 Eastern today.

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              RileyC wrote:

              I was hoping for Monday but who knows when it will be available.

              Don't be discouraged. I'm sure HSN will say anything at this point to keep their customers happy even if it isn't necessarily the whole truth.


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                I bought my NC as soon as they came out.  Actually, they were sold out so I has to order it and wait for a month.  Anyway, my point is that everyone should get the update at the same time.  IF HSN shoppers get NC's WITH the update, then that tells me that B&N doesn't give a flip about their customers.  The ones that ALREADY have the NC should get the update before anyone else--or at least at the same time as new customers!  That's just my opinion.  I am not holding my breath.  I wonder if  the ppl that have paid for the extra insurance have damage done to their Nooks and get a replacement if it would be the updated ones???  I think not. 

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                  I recently talked to a BN Employee while a family member was picking up a nook color case. She said the update will take place between this week and the next. She didn't look definate though. With BN, you can never be sure.