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    Cant turn Nook Tablet back on after it goes to sleep being idle.

      Hey guys I just got the Nook tablet and things have been great so far except today ive ran into a problem.


      I set my nook down for a bit to make dinner and it went idle and then went to sleep .


      Im supposed to be able to unlock/wake it up by pressing the N button then unlocking the nook. only when I press the N button.  nothing happens.  It doesnt wake up. Nor does pressing the power button work either.   The only way i have been able to  wake it up is to plug it into the charger and charge it.  while plugged in it "wakes" up like a reboot.   the battery reads 73 percent.  It went idle again and went to sleep. and I WAS able to wake it up with the N button after a short time.  But if it goes longer, it doesnt wake up at all again.


      any ideas on what the problem could be?