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      Is anyone having formatting problems? i am trying to format my next enovel to publish and for some reason half chapters are not showing up in pubit. ex: the last 1/2 of chapter 15 and first 1/2 of ch 16 are missing in pubit. when i look in 'word' or on word pad the info is there but it won't download to pubit. also, i have been having a problem with seperateing chapters. it's ok up to the same point. i can page break upto ch 17 then nothing. the breaks dont show up in pubit yet they are okay on the document. ??? what is going on?? last topic: what is the easiest (lamens way) to creat a t.o.c.?? i am so lost with that. thanks to all!!

          On the Word toolbar, click on the backward P. This shows the formatting symbols. See if there is extra formatting. If you are using Word 2007 or 2010, Save as Word 97-2003. It has to be in the Word document that there is a problem. I don't know anything about TOC. If you need, ask more questions. I hope this helps a bit.