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        I second the Overdrive app.  I asked B&N about this several times and was given the usual vague answers.  The more people that ask, the more seriously they will take us.  Anything to avoid ADE would be welcome.


        For my BB I had a MLB app (for us baseball fans) which was great.  Even an ESPN app would be great.


        For news there used to be CNN and Fox apps.  Those should be easy to port.

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          Still waiting for Kindle and Overdrive but thank you Barnes & Noble for taking steps in the right direction. Keep the apps coming...

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            Word with Friends.

            Calender that syncs


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              Overdrive, Netflix, Dropbox (But I heard we can download directly from the website now), Facebook, ADE (which I personally dislike), an app that lets us know when a book on our wishlist has dropped in price.


              I also wish the wishlist would sync with the wishlist on our NC. That way I could delete some that say "purchased". I also hope they fix the Authors app and let us pick the ones we want. Also add in something like fictfact does.


              I do have a question... When I add sideloaded books to my SD card, they don't show up in my library. Is there a way to do this? I like seeing my covers.

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                I'll mostly be echoing what others have said, but.... For general use: Calendar that syncs with Google Calendar Google Contacts for email Graphing Calculator app (TI-83/84/85 emulator, there's some good ones out there on Android already) Work related apps: Telnet client SSH client Network tools, ie ping, tracert, what's my IP, etc. From the looks of things, the entertainment related apps are getting a lot of support, and many already appear in the current apps, so I have nothing to add there.
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                  While we're adding things to the wishlist:  Pocket Frogs!  I love animal sims, and the only ones they currently have are for children.

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                    My app wishlist: Netflix, Facebook, instant messaging, Overdrive, Iheartradio, A movie times app, Blogger app, Shopping list app ...more games.

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                      Words with Friends


                      A free calculator (come on, even my mid-nineties palm pilot had a built in calc)


                      Expand the built in dictionary. If I can highlight a word to lookup, why can't I type one in to lookup. Going to dictionary.com is OK, but annoying when you have to fist turn on wifi, etc.



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                          Besides the standard requests for netflix, dropbox and a calendar that symcs with google, I would like


                          1.  HP 12c or 15c calculator

                          2. scrabble

                          3. Tunein radio

                          4. Truecrypt security

                          5. Remember the milk




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                            You should add after Graucho Marx "unless you have a nook color" ROFL
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                              Springpad is an ok free app, although a calendar feature is glaringly absent.  Your Springpad account is accessible anywhere you have web access, and items you add are available both offline on the NC and online, after auto sync.  There's an alarm (I haven't tried it yet) and shopping/packing/checklist features, as well as tasks and notes, etc.  I use both task and list features regularly.


                              In Springpad, you can add an event that syncs with your NC.  It has limited usefulness on the NC itself, as appointments show up only in list form, not in an actual calendar format.  Be sure to sort the list on date, or it's completely useless.  You can also add events that sync with your google calendar, per http://blog.springpadit.com/2010/03/sync-your-springpad-events-with-google-calendar/.  Springpad creates an entirely new google calendar called springpad (clever, eh), and events you add will sync both directions.  It's far from ideal, but I suppose it's something, as it does sync and it's free.  I can make it work for now.

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                                Please, please:  Bible by You Version.  I want to take my Nook with me to Church, and since several different version of the Bible are used while I am there, it is so nice to be able to switch to different versions instead of taking several Bibles with me!  Have this on my iphone and love it, but I bought the Nook to READ, and the Bible is #1 on my list.  Anything else would be gravy!  Just sayin'!

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                                  Cozi apps
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                                    Totally agree - the Amazon Kindle app would be awesome! :-D
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