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    nook color wifi slow



      We just got a nook color, very excited:smileyhappy:

      It seems great, however, the wireless is very very slow, (using at home, there is a laptop and cell phone that connect to the same router but are much faster)


      I was just wondering if it is normal, we are getting like dialup speeds though we have high speed cable internet. Is there any setting that needs to be adjusted to get it faster, the main reason we got the color instead of b&w was to use it for internet as well. 


      As a disabled person i can't go to the store and play with the displays to see if this is normal, and I hate to return it unless this is a defect.



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          I am bumping your post to see if anyone else has any useful input.


          My two cents:  On my wireless at home, my Nook Color does not "draaaaaaggggg" but it isn't instant gratification either.  I find that the lighter my touch, the better it responds.


          For over 6 weeks, I have been using it daily for internet while my DH is on the laptop.  It seems to work at an acceptable speed for email, web surfing, facebook, these message boards and the like.


          I use it with the Pandora radio playing and the access speed on the web pages seems okay as well when the two apps are combined.


          Have you tried a comparison between your gadgets?  Have someone on the wireless lap top and/or on the wi-fi enabled cell phone try to load up a series of different websites at the same time you are ready to access those sites on the Nook.  I would be interested to "hear about" the results.


          Could it be emotional?  As in you are sooo excited to use the Nook that you are not giving it the chance to do its thing...I get that way sometimes ;0)


          If you think it may be defective, do take it into the store and talk with their specialist and try it on their wifi system for comparison.


          I hope all works out well for you in the end whatever happens.

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            Hmmm.....that's interesting, because my Nook Color connects to and browses the internet FASTER than my computer.  I always figured it was because my NC doesn't have as much garbage on it as my computer. 


            Interested to hear others' experience.

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              Mine is not as fast as my laptop by no means. Not sure why, but I have grown accustomed to it. I know before shopping I need to sit it down for for a minute or two until it locates the WiFi.


              Try rebooting it and see if the speed improves. I never shut my nook off....it just goes to sleep on it's own. But WiFi goes off on it's own.

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                I believe its due to the current browser. Sometimes takes 2-4 secs longer for a page to load vs my laptop.


                Hopfully the update will either come with a better browser or speed up the current one.



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                  The Nook Color WIFI issue has NOT been resolved.


                  I had no problem connecting to a wireless b/g/n router at 54Mbs.


                  The specifications for the Nook Color indicate it has wireless b/g/n capabilities. All these references to set routers to 54 Mbs to resolve the connection issue completely miss the point. Wireless "g" has a maximum throughput of 54Mbs. Wireless "n" has a maximum throughput of 300Mbs. B&N should not be misleading customers with specifying the Nook Color has wireless "n" capabilities. The Nook Color is the ONLY wi-fi device I have that can not receive data greater than 54Mbs. B&N is now advertising the Nook Color as being able to stream Netflix (and someday Hulu Plus). Unless B&N fixes the Nook Color wi-fi to meet wireless "n" standards, there are going to be a lot of unhappy people trying to stream video at 54Mbs. I am tempted to return my Nook Color because of this.

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                    I was having the exact problem, turns out my wireless router was going bad.  My laptop seemed to have a good wireless connection but the nook was too slow.  When I took it back to Staples to return it, I fired it up and it was blazing fast on their hotspot.  I replaced the home router with a new one and now my entire network is running faster.  I had no idea I needed a new router!

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                       My nook color has been taking forever to load google yahoo blogspot but all of the barnes and noble websites load fine i never had this problem until now. Anyone think it might be a virus on it or what is the problem my nook is updated to the latest. Even if i have full wifi it still takes forever!!




                                                                                         please help!

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                        My nook is quite slow too and I don't think it is my router because I tried it at work also. I do not turn my off ever either, but I will turn it off at night now and see if that makes a difference.