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    PDF viewing issues - Book reader vs. QuickOffice



      I just purchased a Nook Color and I LOVE it so far. However, I've noticed a strange issue with reading PDF books. If plug my Nook into my PC, and copy a PDF book from one of my technical books (from the CD contained within the book) to my Nook under Books, the PDF opens in QuickOffice, which gives me very basic, limited capabilities when it comes to the PDF books I load. Also, every time I close out of the PDF book, it opens to the very first page every single time. However, if I email the same PDF book to myself, and open the PDF from my Gmail, I'm prompted to open the book in QuickOffice, OR the Book Reader. If I choose Reader, I'm given the full blown capabilities of the Nook with regards to bookmarking, indexing, skipping to different chapters, annotating, etc. I've also tried this with both DRM'd and non-DRM'd PDF books and there is no difference in how they behave.


      Is there a way for me to force my Nook Color to open all PDFs in the book reader and not the QuickOffice viewer? This is a huge hindrance for me, and one of the reasons I bought the Nook Color was to use it to carry around all of my technical books with me wherever I go. Can you please provide any insight?


      Thanks in advance!



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          welcome to the Forum and the Nook.  And congrats on finding a 2nd way to force the Nook to use the internal Adobe reader to open PDFs.


          All the deficiencies you listed for QuickOffice are correct.  Sadly, the only other way we've found so far to bypass it is to password protect your PDFs.  Then they'll open with Adobe, with all the functionality you are missing.


          When the Nook App Store opens at the end of the month, look for a non-crippled version of QuickOffice to be available there... for sale.  The (older) version they've had in the Android market for the past year already supports all this stuff.


          - Mark


          Actually, if all the devs weren't busy hacking Honeycomb builds, I suspect they could find a way to update some manifest file somewhere on the system partition, which would tell the Nook to keep opening .DOC etc files in QuickOffice, but use the Adobe reader to open .PDFs.  It can't be that hard, but no one has looked into it (probably just removing .PDF from the list of files that QO says it can handle would do the trick... then they'd all default back to Adobe).


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            Ditto - Congrats on finding another way.