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    help with shelves

      I had books that I sideloaded to my SD card on the NC and then put into shelves that I created, but it seems that every time I sideload new books to the SD card, all the books that I have added to the shelves disappear and I have to add them back to the shelves. I ended up taking them off the SD card and putting them back onto the NC directly so I wouldn't have to keep re-shelving them.  Is there something I'm missing when I put them into shelves or are sideloaded book to the SD not able to be shelved.

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          Having the books that are on the SD cards "fall off" the shelves they were placed on is a known problem with the NC.  Usually happening when the NC turns off and back on, but also at other times (like you have found).  The only solution I have found is keeping them on the NC itself and storing my pictures and movies on the SD card.  I hope this helps (but probably not by much) sorry.