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    No Contacts?

      After linking my NOOKColor to my Google account, I'm still not seeing any of my contacts in the contact list on the Nook?  I've tried selecting both "All" and "Google" in the filter list to no avail.  Should they be showing up there?





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          It should work.

          Has your issue been resolved? 


          Please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665) and choose option 2 for Digital Support.  Please let us know if your issue was resolved.

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            I can't see them neither. I also can't figure out how to add my bn contacts. Were you able to solve this?
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              Hello Everybody!


              Haven't been here in a few days and of course I come back with a question...LOL


              I have added all my contacts to my gmail account, so I would have them on my nook as well, I had them on there for a while.

              Today I wanted to add another one, and noticed that all the others were not on the nook anymore. All but one gone....


              I tried to add the new one directly on the nook and it just won't take it... I added it to my google account just to be sure, it's there, I un-linked and re-linked it and still nothing.. what is going on? What am I doing wrong?


              They were there.... where did they go? LOL

              The person I wanted to add new has the same problem as I do... it just won't take the contacts she is adding...


              My B&N contacts are not to be found either anymore and the way to toggle between B&N contacts and google contacts is gone as well....was it the update that took that away?


              Any help would be super appreciated!


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                I have the same problem. I've successfully linked my Google account, but am not seeing any contacts in the "Contacts" application. Were you ever able to resolve this problem?