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    Font size on Nook Color

      Hi - I have old person eyes, and like to use a larger font.  I find using the larger font on Nook books works well, but when I use the web, it is frustrating.  I try to enlarge the font to something usable, and it works for a brief moment, then reverts to tiny script.  On the web browser, the font is SO tiny that I can barely get to the web address part, and then I enlarge the font, get to a new page, and the font reverts to tiny again.  I find I am constantly resizing the font on the web.  Any suggestions?  Is there any way to keep the font at a larger size and prevent it from reverting?  Again, on Nook books or library books this is not a problem.  thanks...

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          Yes, there is a way to make it bigger.  With your web browser page showing, up at the top right there is an icon that looks like a paper with lines on it. Tap on that icon, select More Options, select Settings, select Text Size and set to large or huge.


          Then turn your nook sideways so the web page goes into landscape mode.


          In portrait mode you can also pinch to zoom or double tap the page to make it larger, but you will have to move the page around with your finger to read it all. Landscape mode gives you a better chance of seeing the page edge to edge.

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            Awesome!!!!!!! Thanks!