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    Why I hate the nook

      I've been very loyal for the past few years with my nook....but there is one thing that I absolutely hate about it: their book organization system.


      I'm a book series type of person. I'm not too fond of stand alone books. So my book collection involves one author and many books from the same series. All the authors do this odd thing. They're titles for their book aren't released alphabetically. 


      What exactly do I mean?


      Let me give you an example of my favorite author, Kelley Armstrong. Some of her series books were named: Stolen (#2), Dime Store Magic (#3), and Industrial Magic (#4). Yep, the number is on the title...but it's the last part of the title. So instead of having Stolen listed as #2, Dime Store Magic listed as #3, and Industrial Magic listed as #4, I have them all alphabetized. Dime Store Magic, Industrial Magic, then Stole...

      Why? Because I HAVE NO OTHER OPTIONS!



      Sure, I could organize by date I ordered it...but I've already got the physical book...so I didn't buy them by how they were released, I bought them by which one was my favorite. 


      But I don't want them organized by author, title, or date purchased. I want them organized by how they are in the series. Why is this a foreign concept for Barnes & Noble? Do they enjoy being masochists, feeding off my OCD of one thing that drives me up the wall? 

      Even with the so called "bookshelves" that we have, we still can't organize them the way we want!




      This has been mentioned multiple times on this community, but has Barnes & Noble even addressed it? Well, I have yet to see a reply from them. I mean...why reply to an issue when the opponent still hasn't figured it out?


      I'd like to see sub titles be added to organization. This means that if a book is only one, the sub title would be the original title. But if the book was part of the series, it will be Series Title #1. Taking from my previous example, it would be Women of the Other World #2, Women of the Other World #3, and so forth. 

      All of the series titles are in parentheses...so make that part of the code that you're writing. I don't understand why no one is getting any responses...or why it isn't being taken seriously. I am basically telling you the problem that many readers are having and GIVING YOU A SOLUTION!


      If Barnes & Noble figures this out first, it'll give another marketing advantage to them, rather than the opponents. 

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          Someone will swoop in to correct (& berate) me if I'm wrong, but IIRC:


          A book's title is set by its metadata. The metadata is programmed by the publisher, not B&N. B&N is likely unable to edit the metadata for any reason because of legal/contractural reasons.


          While B&N can pass customer complaints along about this (whether they actually do is another question), they ultimately have no control over it.


          If it concerns you too much, you can always break the DRM and edit the metadata yourself so the titles appear in the order you want. Of course, you would then have to sideload the books to get that to work.


          I've done it with a PD series that I had much the same problem with: Burrough's Mars series. But that was much easier since I had no DRM to mess with.