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      I just got my Nook Color yesterday, and the sound does not work already. I do not know what I did. I tried to turn the volume all the way up, it is not on mute. I tried to restart the Nook, but nothing is working. Please help!




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          I'm experiencing the same, although it does come back after a reboot but then after a while goes away again.... i'm wondering if its a bug on the software side

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            i am having the same problem. I called tech support and was told to take it back to best buy and have it exchanged. I haven't even had it for 24 hrs.

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              I've listened to the sound on my Nook Color and it is very quiet, so that I couldn't really hear the tutorial videos, or any music playing well, even volume turned up to the max.


              Is this normal and most people just use headphones?

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                  Using headphones - no stereo.  I hear sound out of the right ear bud only.  Anyone else have this problem.


                  I also lose my sound when it wakes from sleep mode. 


                  Are people taking them back for replacements or are all of them like this?