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    Things we like about the new site

      I thought I would give everyone a chance to list what they like about the new site on this thread. I just started another one for things we thing should be added or changed. If enough people respond, it will give them feedback on what we need and what we like. I'll forward the info via email to them in a week to ten days, (and more than once if needed) so they can get our feedback.


      This is for what we like, a different thread is for the changes we would like to see.


      For me, I love the new sales charting feature. It is really helpful to see how things are going on an overall basis. I still need to play with it some more, but I definately like it. I'm still learning about everything else.

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          I like that the new site keeps me logged-in. With the previous Pubit! format, I was required to manually type-in my email and password each time I logged-in.


          I like the new layout of the Nook publishing platform. It looks nicer but is also a bit more simplified. Not that the Pubit! one was complicated as far as the layout of it but the complications were in clicking to change things and getting default failure pages (even when changes were successful). I did have to do resubmissions from time to time, when they didn't take on first attempts.


          I'm hoping that the new Nook platform does actually cause sales increases for us because the admin did say in their announcements that our eBooks will be available to more types of devices. If so, this would certainly be my most appreciated thing about the new layout. After a week of no sales reporting during the transition, mine started back up on the 8th and I've been getting sales each day since.


          I usued to check sales about once a week but with the new platform, I've been looking at them daily. (Not an OCD thing -- just exited about the new layout.)


          If just a new look is all that we see out of this change, that won't be so great as a result of their efforts (but nice!). If we see growth for our eBooks, that will definitely make it worth their effort (I have always appreciated the free opportunity given me by Barnes & Noble!).


          Need to again mention the new chat feature is an improvement as well. I've yet had opportunity to use it but I'm sure I'll get around to it -- definitely nice to know it's available!