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    Changes suggested for new site

      Hello, I thought I would start this thread so people have a chance to suggest changes to the NookPress site before everything is set in stone. Afte a week or so I will forward the info to the Nook Press team via email and see if we can't get some of our most important needs met. To be fair, I will also start a thread on what we like about the new site and forward that. To let them know how important something is, please attach your comments or click the "me too" button so they know how many people want a specific item (though I doubt they will give you that new BMW just because you asked).


      As for me, I would like to see a daily amount posted somewhere. I don't mind the "Recent Sales Report" except that there are no "Today" and "Yesterday" sales totals shown. We have to add up our sales every time we want to see how we're doing. Our small press does short children's books and we have over 300 up there. Adding up a day's sales can be a real pain!


      Also, we NEED the community chat board that we have here, but I can't find the button to access it anywhere. Am I just missing it or is going through PubIt! the only way to get here?


      Caitlind Alexander

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          I would suggest the Nook Press folks really rethink the way to handle corrections to already published material. If I understand the new rules correctly, the publisher has to take the work Off Sale, upload an entirely new version of the work and list it separately and then place it On Sale.


          I can see lots of headaches from this, for publishers and the Nook Press people. Will reviews and stars and rankings transfer?

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            1. They could admit that it takes a day to synchronize PubIt! titles with Nook Press. The web page says "a few minutes", so after an overnight wait, I recreated one of my books.

            2. Make it possible to delete imported titles. After a day, and after I'd recreated one book, my PubIt! entries did import - leaving me with two copies of the book. Now I can't delete either one.

            3. Improve customer service. I e-mailed Nook Press, which didn't answer. I chatted with Nook Press, which sent me back to PubIt! to clear titles from my Nook Press account. PubIt! didn't answer.


            All in all, interesting, but not ready for prime time. The sit is also pretty sluggish.

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              UPDATE: I have been informed there is a button for reaching this chat board without going through Pubit. If you click on Support, then scroll down to the More Support section, there is a link there for the NOOK Press Help Board which brings you here.

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                Well the first thing they need to do is fix all the bugs in the new site, it's buggy as crap - obviously they never tested it or did any QA on it at all. That they are making such a big deal about something so poorly made bothers me, kind of hurts my faith in BN's ability to survive if they can't construct a simple website.


                I really wish they'd put totals on the daily sales page. I also think that putting book covers on the main sales page is stupid - plus the layout there makes it hard to quickly read.


                I had no idea that updating a released version was now almost impossible (as someone mentioned above). To be honest, I liked the old site better. The 'new features' of this site are completely worthless to me and I suspect to most writers. I do not need the B&N to provide me with the ability to have others help me with my work. I can do that on my own.


                And again, for the website to have a number of major bugs in it (e.g. all of the sales numbers are wrong on the main page - they do not update when the other sales numbers do) shows me that everything about this effort was poorly planned and poorly executed. I do a lot of sales on B&N, I do not want to see that end because B&N is mismanaged out of business.

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                    I agree. I want the daily totals in dollars earned. That was one of the things I preferred about B&N over Amazon sales reports. To track daily earnings and sales now requires a calculator.


                    And, yes, we need to know exactly what happens if we want to revise a book. For example, if I release a new book, I'd like to go back and add that as a preview in the older books. Or, if I change a link and want to update that, it would be nice to make a simple change without taking the book off sale for a day (or more). And yes,we need to know whether we'll lose reviews/rankings.


                    It's supposed to be easy to edit BEFORE you publish, but it sounds like there's going to be a brick wall between authors and the "system" if we can't simply reupload a newer version of the book. I know that in Pubit! we had to wait for the book to be reapproved, but it was still available for sale.

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                    I agree that we don't need the images of our books next to what has sold. It makes the page load very slowly. Besides, as was said, we know what our covers look like! Just give us the title, the number sold, and the royalty earned, along with a total at the bottom and we'll be happy.


                    And hopefully the problems with having to take down a book in order to revise it aren't true. Being able to just upload a new version was great!


                    Since I won't be editing my stuff on here, the editing doesn't help me. Since I publish the books on a number of sites, I would rather make the change only once on my master and be able to just upload it. I don't want to have to update it here as well as on my master. Duplicating work is not helpful to us.