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    cleared up pdf red X

      After much experimenting I have discovered how to fix the pdf's that show up as red x's. most likely these are scanned pdf and downloaded to your computer.from an internet site. They are read by acrobat but not the nook.. if you do not already have cutepdf, get and install it. Then open your redx pdf on your computer and print it to the cutepdf option. if you are not familiar with cutepdf it is not really a printer (although it shows up as a printer choice)but a pdf converter. Then load the converted pdf file onto the nook. I had trouble with 3 pdf's, some massive (80mgb file, about 1000 pages), some small. All 3 worked perfectly on the nook after using cutepdf.


      I assume the original files are ocr and not true pdf's. Even adobe acrobat (the real program, not the reader) does not recognize my originals as pdf's..


      I still would love a search function on the nook (other than go to page) for the pdf's.

      BTW-I love the colornook. It does everything I need except for a better pdf search.

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          Hypertext does not work for the pdf's I've sync'd with the Nook.  I have 12 years of issues of a particular magazine. One file is the index with Hyperlinks pointing to each issue. Nook does not recognize the Hyperlinks.  Is there a way get this to work?

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            Thank you much for the solution. Took me two days and some hair loss to find it!

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              Thanks for this program..i heared about it .i'll try it soon ,i have some pdf's that show up red x
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                Scanned images saved in a PDF are part of the PDF format definition as established by Adobe and now the ISO 32000-1 but Adobe still has revisions that are not part of the ISO standard. Then there are 3rd party products that create PDFs that are not 100% to the standard or do not apply the standard correctly.


                There are various levels of security that can be applied to the PDF that could be causing a problem. Then there are a number of issues with the availability of fonts and whether they are embedded in the PDF or not and their availability on the reading system.


                Without seeing one of these PDFs it is hard to tell what is going on.


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                  CutePDF fixes the p;roblem but increases the file size dramatically. One pdf file I used Cute on went from

                  9 mb to 400 mb! Are there other pdf fixes that won't increase the original file size so much?