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    Any positive experiences?

      I'm contemplating publishing through PubIt, after having work up on Amazon and All Romance eBooks and having generally positive experiences. After reading through the forum here, trying to get a feel for whether it's worth my time to upload and my wear and tear to do business with B&N, I admit to being a little frightened. The squeaky wheels effect may account for the slant of the comments, but I'm not getting a good vibe.


      I'll just ask outright--who here is happy with B&N? Was it worth your time and effort? Would you do it again? Why or why not? 


      Frankly, I need to hear some good stuff before spending my limited time on this project. Please don't suggest going through Smashwords--I won't put my name on a Meatgrinder file for the chance to get price matched to nothing by my source of bread and butter.

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          I'll put it this way. I think Pubit will, eventually, be a good place to publish ones books. They do seem

          to have a lot of kinks to work out to get things running the way they should. I believe they are trying, but they also seem to keep running into one problem after the other. Although I sell a lot more books on another online site, my sales, lately, have come up slightly here on B&N. I do think they've made some changes for the good. Anyway, I hope it continues in that direction.


          And though my sales are a lot more on the other online store, my sales on B&N still come in second to all the others. I hope this helps.


          If you have a lot of patience, you might want to give it a try. It certainly won't cost you anything but a little of your time and effort. And it may, eventually, really pay off. I have hopes for Pubit, regardless.


          Whatever you decide, I wish you luck.:smileyhappy:

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            What Elaine said :smileyhappy:


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              I have not ran into any kinks with pubit for a very long time. The few times I have, I emailed them and saw resolution within 24 hours. I found it worth my time, hope you find the same.
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                Yes, it has been absolutely worth it for me! Even though the last 3-4 days have been bad--haven't been able to publish, B&N is my primary source of income. Yes, I was even able to quit my day job. I publish non-fiction books, so I don't know whether you'll have the same experience, but for me, it's been totally worth it. I also publish to other distributors, but B&N far outsells all the others in my case.

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                  I am disappointed with PubIt and have been since I first started here.  I had good fortune with Amazon initially and landed on their bestseller list more than once but my books seem to be lost on B&N.  I do have them up on B&N via Smashwords which has had a better effect to be honest.  I just don't feel that there are enough marketing options available here and that makes me sad.  I have a nook and I usually shop B&N with my kiddos but they are not horribly helpful with indie authors.  Just my personal take....I am glad other people have had good luck, I really am and I hope they continue having good fortunes but most of the authors I talk to in my author groups have been terribly disappointed with B&N.

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                    As an inde author, I found the publishing experience to be very similar between the three major distribution houses.  Volume of sales has been quite different.  Here's a breakdown (most to fewest):

                    1 Amazon

                    2 Smashwords

                    3 B&N 


                    Would you please elaborate on your negative comments about Smashwords.

                    - DLD

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                      I have zero sales, so I'd say it has been unsuccessful. B&N also never fixed the problem with searching for one of my books, which are pretty specialized; that one will never sell until the problem gets fixed. The documentation for standards for epub files for the Nook is pretty abysmal. The Nook support for Greek characters and frequently used letter forms for foreign words is lousy. There seem to still be some bugs in the Nook firmware with regards to the page turning algorithm. And so on.


                      Having said that, if your genre is romance, you'll probably do fine. But I do recommend you actually buy a Nook to preview your work.




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                        Our experience has benn nothing but positive! Our small (make that very small) publishing company specializes in children's books, which I think have always done much better on B&N than on Amazon. We sell between 6 and 10 times more books on B&N every month than we do on Amazon, or through any of the Smashwords or other outlets.


                        I think a lot has to do with the genre you write in, how well you promote your books, and the type of following you have. Different genres appeal to different types of people. Likewise, those groups of people tend to prefer different devices to read on.


                        My best advice is to give B&N a try. If you use the Calibre program to format your books, you might find it takes only a few minutes to get a good result (depending on how you formatted your book). We publish on all formats and simply save our Word docs as Web page, filtered (HTML) files. The zipped version of this uploads quickly and easily to Amazon and the unzipped version transfers right into Calibre to make a well formatted ePub version for B&N. In an hour we can have both versions done and up onto both B&N and Amazon. The best part is that Calibre can be downloaded for free.



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                          YES! Romance sells very well here, and in some genre's sells actually better than on Amazon! Nooks tend to be owned more by women than by men, and they tend to be frequent readers. Remember, most people who buy a nook bought it at a B&N store while there buying books, so they tend to be frequent readers of B&N Titles. MY PNR stuff sells way better here than on Amazon.

                          It is a very different audience and it can be very worthwhile to publish here. And to be very honest, you don't get more issues here than Amazon, it's really about the same. All ebook vendors have occasional issues, just like any publisher. I would not worry about it.

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                            So far I've got some (but not all) books "processing" forever and never going on sale, no response to any e-mails, phone reps who completely stonewall and actually take delight in blatantly refusing to tell you the simplest things (like how to delete your account). PubIt is quite honestly one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had. I would highly recommend NOT publishing through them until they get their act together. I've had much better experences with Amazon, and even Smashwords, which is frustating to use but who actually respond to e-mails pronmptly.

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                              Overall I've been very happy with Pubit.  I've been publishing with them for nearly 2 years and have had absolutely no problems.  Quite the opposite, in fact; sales are better here than on Amazon and the interface is far better than KDP's.

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                                You probably don't want to start publishing here any time soon.


                                Pubit is broken right now and has been for going on, at least, three weeks. We have had a book stuck in "Processing" - which is when you first upload it and before it goes live and "on sale". In this stage, you can't do anything - can't stop the process, can't delete the book.


                                From what I learned in this forum, the only thing you can do is start a new session uploading the same book, and then hope that one of them goes live (and if two go live, then you can delete one). So that is what we did, and now have two copies of the same book stuck in "Processing".


                                (We have a couple other books successfully published here, months ago, so we do know how to use Pubit and that, hypothetically, Pubit can work.)


                                As others have said, there is no customer service or support here for publishers. You can send an email for help but you will only receive a canned response the next day, along the lines of "we are looking into it" and then you will never get another response to emails. There is no telephone number to call. In this area, there is a huge difference between BN and that other online book store.


                                In my opinion, you should keep checking back here to see when the current technical problem is fixed. Right now trying to publish an ebook at BN would be a waste of your time.