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    Nook email and music player apps

      If B&N can't fix their own email app. I suggest they approach an app developer with a good email program and get them to do the work to adapt it for the Nook. This could be sold  in the store at a discount -say $1 -as B & N  would have no development costs and should not take a profit . After this they could choose to try to fix their stock app for those customers who are unable or unwilling to pay for an alternative.


      The music player isn't broken as such - just rudimentary. Instead of being passive why don't they approach

      the developer of ,say Android Music - to accelerate the dev of an app people will pay for. I mean it improves on their stock product and there is a potential $2.99 million dollars in sales.

      If they are making money on all those wallpaper apps its only because their is little else of quality to buy.

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          I like Creative for music.  Wouldn't that be something, have the power of Creative Sound Blaster on the nook?  lol  BN does need some serious help in several ways with the getting the nook up to par.  I sure hope they can invest in some good software designers and an appropriate budget to make it happen.