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    New Site!


      I have to say, I Like It!


      At least we now know what the big news is :smileyhappy:


      And yea!! We get chat help!! WOOOOOO





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          I agree Melissa, it does look good and the chat addition is for sure a great thing to see!

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            Other than chat help and an author page, I'm not sure there's any advantage in switching from PubIt to Nook Books.

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              Deep Shadows  I feel this can only be a good thing! It is high time. I almost gave up on B&N several times, but I never did. I kept thinking that one of these days things would get better. I think that this is possibly a good start for the better, for the future of ebooks publishing here.

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                  I agree! I like the new look and features. It makes me wish I had something to publish right now so I could mess around with the new settings. The only thing I want is for there to be a total for each days sales like on pubit. Or maybe it's there and I'm just blind.


                  At any rate, this seems to be a really nice new design!

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                  I'd like to be impressed, but so far haven't been. Be aware that if you synchronize with your PubIt! account, you won't be able to delete imported titles.Ever, apparently. And in fact, now both accounts are screwed up. I suggest you just recreate your books in Nook Press; I wish I had.