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    NOOKcolor freezes when turning the page

      • Got the NOOKcolor in early December.
      • Setup, connecting to WiFi, registration, buying books and magazines all worked fine.
      • Software version 1.0.1


      Problem: freezes while turning the page of a book


      1. Will be working fine, then on a page flip it freezes
      2. A word will be highlighted and the "Highlight-Notes-Share-Look up" floating tool bar will appear even though I did not touched a word to initiate this action

      3. Then, random words will be highlight and unhighlight on the screen, again without being touched
      4. This is when it freezes
      5. Cannot navigate away from the screen
      6. Sometimes the on-off switch will do a shut down, other times it will not work requiring letting the battery run out

      This happens in a random manner and cannot be re-created by trying to repeat the most recent keystrokes.


      Has anybody else experienced this? If so, what was the resolution?





      PS: I checked the NOOKcolor tech support and general discussion forums and did not see anything similar.

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          You could try and erase and reregister (backup any files to your PC. Books from B&N are bkd up on B&N site) or return it for a replacement


          sounds like you have a faulty nook.



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            i have the exact same problem with my Nook Color.


            My only recourse had been turning off the Nook or just coming back to it in a few (when it would have gone off by itself),


            Page turns in general are flakey.... Sometimes the unit freezes (& the text highlights as you say)...sometimes I end up 100's of pages away or somewhere else & all I've done is swiped in the normal manner.  I swear 1 out if 20 page turns does this.





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              The same thing is happening for me.  I've had the NookColor for 6 days. The first 2 days were great, but now the freezing episodes are becoming more frequent.  I get the same behavior you describe - freezing while turning the page and word is highlighted that I did not highlight.  It happens with tapping or swiping to turn the page.  In addition, freezing also occurs during other normal activity, such as browsing my library, playing games, changing wallpaper, just about anything. 

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                I am having the same issue.  However, I am on Version 1.0.0.  In addition, when I went to check my settings the Nook took over and kept flashing open the brightness menu and wouldn't let me do anything but power off by holding the power button down. 

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                  Thanks everybody for the input, suggestions, and data points about similar problems.


                  The NOOKcolor unit was replaced yesterday. The B&N store manager was very friendly, immediately replaced it without question, and the task was done in five minutes (not counting the drive to the store).


                  My only concern with the swap was that the manager did not ask what was the problem. He merely slapped a post-it with a hand scrawled "defective" on the returned unit. It would have been better if detail about the problem was attached the unit. Hopefully, the B&N product managers are monitoring this Technical Support forum.


                  Here is wishing everybody a great NOOK reading New Year. >>grin<<