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    Anyone Actually Receive Replacement Charger Lately?

      My charger died in April. I tried to get a new one at the store, but they said I had to call support and have one mailed.


      They said I should receive one in 7-10 days since they were back ordered. Three weeks later, I contacted them again and they said the order was cancelled since they were out of stock. They said they would send one out when they were back in stock.


      It's now been almost two months since I first contacted them and still no replacement charger. I was wondering if anyone else has actually received a replacement charger from them in the past few months.


      I finally gave up and just bought a new one, but it really doesn't seem right to me that I had to. My Nook was still under warranty. Obviously chargers are available since I could buy one in a store. Yet if I didn't want to leave my Nook as a dead brick for who knows how long, I had to spend money to replace an item that they were supposed to replace for free.

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          I got one in April, probably just before they ran out (had to request it twice before I finally got one).  Unfortunately, the replacement one wasn't too good.  It takes forever to charge and the N won't turn green unless the Nook is turned on (not sleeping) while charging.   I'm beginning to think B&N won't redesign the chargers so customers have to buy new ones!  I refuse to throw good money after bad.  Once this charger goes I am saying goodbye to the Nook.  Most of the books on my NC were free anyway (ever since Agency pricing made the book prices skyrocket) and I can always download the paid books on my ipad.  And if Apple come out with a tablet similar to Nook, I might just buy it.  At least with Apple you get a great product with a great warranty (which you can buy an extension of anytime within a year after purchase, even if it's a refurbished one)  and  great customer service.  You definitely can NOT say that about the Nook!

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            You can charge the NC with any USB charger or USB port. It just takes longer to fully charge (some 8 hours) and you cannot use it while charging.

            You will not see a charging message, but it will charge just fine.


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              I am sorry to hear you had so many problems with Nook support. I have to admit I never had. It is ashame to admitvthis but I have hhad to call them several times over the pasrt year to get a new cord because the filmsy tip keep breaking off. However, I usually got anew cord within 3 days of calling Nook support.
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                I just got a new one but my situation was a little different. My cord started to fail after about 6 months (sometimes charged slower than the plastic casing broke) and recently quit working completely. I called Customer Support but they couldn't send a new one for free because the warrenty had just run out (of course). She did make note of my problem so it would be on my account and told me to try going to a store. The closest one is 2 hours away so I didn't get there for a few weeks. Fortunately I could charge it with a regualr cord but it took a long time. At the store the man working at the Nook counter told me he wasn't authorized to replace it for free. When I nicely brought up the issue with the bad cords and that other people were getting free ones in stores, he said he could ask his manager. The manager said yes and I finally got my new cord!!


                It's nice to know there is more than one option and I could still charge my Nook Color but what a pain! Everyone I dealt with was very polite and tried to be helpful but I hope I don't have to go through that again. I love my Nook and use it every day. A new cord isn't terribly expensive but it's obviously a design flaw so I didn't want to buy a new one.


                Good luck and don't give up!

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                  I had great customer service i just aske dfor a new one no questions asked i well tell you guys the quality of the charger