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    Dropbox Help

      I've just started having a problem with books I'm reading via my Dropbox account.  It seems I can only access them when wifi is on.  They load into memory fine but when I move off the book - go to the Nook home screen - the book is gone and I have to go back into Dropbox to reload it.  My page is remembered when I reopen it.  


      It doesn't show up in "My Files" or on the "Keep Reading" list or anywhere else.  I know in the past my Dropbox reads were on the home screen and in My Files, etc.  They also showed up in the Keep Reading list.  I had no problems with the last book from my Dropbox account I read which was just a few days ago.


      Is anyone else experiencing this?   It's really frustrating not to be able to go back to my book without turning on wifi, starting the Dropbox app and reloading it into memory.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.

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          You are probably "opening" the file from the Dropbox folder by touching the EPUB file... That's temporary...


          You need to "Download" the book from Dropbox (press and hold, then Select "Download" from the popup window). Once you've downloaded the file, go to your Dropbox folder under My Files. You'll find the EPUB file.... touch to open.


          After I open the book, I add it to my Now Reading shelf, so I can find it to reopen easily at a later time.