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    Nook Tablet power on problems

      More often than not, my Nook Tablet won't power up when I push the power button. Even when I push and hold it for 5 seconds it doesn't come on until I have pushed it repeatedly over a 5 to 10 minute period. This is especially frustrating (and embarrassing) when my friend is standing right next to me using her Kindle Fire.

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          I am having the same problem with my tablet (purchased 12/4). About a week ago it turned itself off and wouldn't come back on for an hour -- even when plugged in. Since then, I have to press and hold the power button at least 10 times before it starts.


          Called support for the second time today and the customer rep told me to return it to the store for a new one.

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            Here is the way mine works:  If it is in sleep mode a quick press of the power button or the 'n' button should make it come alive immediately. I have mine set with security so a popup window comes up as soon as I press the button asking me for the passwork. If you are starting up from non-sleep mode (completely off)  it will take a bit more time for it to load but you should see activity within 30 seconds. If not, you may want to do a hard reset though it will reset to factory specs. If that doesn't do it right then back to the store it goes!

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                Thank you so very much!  I am not sure why this is so hard to turn on.  I haven't had problems before today. I showed my Nook Tablet to a patient and it came on fine.  Then at lunch I wanted to read my Nook.  Could not get it started for anything. I thought maybe the battery had gone dead.  But not, I remembered that it was a full charge earlier this morning...So frustrating.  But thank you so much for your help! I so appreciate it!

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                simply press and hold the power and the home key"n" at the same time for around 20 seconds if it doesnot work try to plug your nook to your computer using the usb cord

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                  Thank you very much this helped a lot. This is my second Nook Tablet and I was VERY disappointed when it happened again. I was going to take it back tomorrow but I found this support group first. Holding down the power and "n" button at the same time for 20 secs, really helped. Thanks again!!!!!:smileylol:

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                      WoW, was on vacation and the second day the nook stopped working.

                      Today went on line and found this solution of pushing down Power button and "n" button

                      for 20 seconds or so and it was like magic..Saved my 'down time' options during

                      my precious time off.  Thank You sooo much!

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                        stupid questin but i have the basic nook. how do i find an N button?

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                            The First Edition does not have a physical "n" button. Just the power button on the top. The "n" attention button is a touch point above the color touch screen.


                            On the First Edition, the best route I know for a reset is to pop off the back cover (this model was made to open as it had a removable battery, and that is where the SD card slot is), unscrew and remove the battery... then hold down the power button for a minute to drain the internal capacitors (which might be holding data in RAM). Reinstall the battery, snap on the cover, and hold down the power switch until the screen flickers into self test.


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                          I'm having the same problem.  And all I have to say is as much as I love my tablet, this will be the last BN product I buy.  It appears to be a known problem that is continually occuring.  I shouldn't have to do anything special to turn it on, I should be able to press the power button and have it turn on immediately, all the time.  It really makes me mad.  

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                              Buying a nook has been a disaster.  My first one had power problems.  I live near a B&N so went in every time it happened and it would come back on.  But finally talked them into exchanging that Nook for another since I was going on a 3 week vacation.  This one has power problems too.  Sometimes it comes back on in 15-20 minutes and others times it will take hours.  I just tried the 20 second holding  power button and N book and it just worked.  So, I'll see what happens the next time.  There is no reason for this to ne happening so often and especially with two separate units.

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                              I too have already returned a Nook Tablet because the screen goes blank.  The second one has done the same.  I know now to hold the power button and the n button to restore power after @ 5 minutes HOWEVER this SHOULD NOT happen at all.  I hope B&N has become aware of this problem with this system and is working on a resolution. 

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                                Oh wow. I had a similar issue right out the box, 30 minutes ago! I played with it for 5 min and it froze while I was on the web. I tried to turn it off, and it didn't seem to work at first. When it did go off, it wouldnt come back on. The 20 second hold worked. I called tech support before I tried it and she merely asked if I let it charge completely before turning it on the first time. Then she suggested I just let if charge for 4 hours. I asked if this was normal and she said "Well, I wouldn't say that it's normal". I asked what the device being charge to 50% had to do with it... freezing and not turning back on even though the battery wasn't dead. She couldn't seem to give me an answer.


                                I did the 20 second hold, got it back on, and then turned it back off so it can sit and charge for 4 hours as tech support recommended. If it *really* is that important to device functionality, they should send it completely uncharged with a huge red sticker on the front stating not to turn it on. But what do I know.


                                I do know that if this happens again, I'll be requesting a refund. There were a number of reasons I chose the Nook Tablet over the Fire. One of those reasons being that I expected it to be less buggy as it's not a gen 1 device. *sigh* I really don't want to be stuck with a $30 skin and no Nook to stick it on. Or worse... trying to make it fit the Fire.

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                                    Same here.... had it for 3 days, worked great, I love my Nook Tablet. Then the internet started freezing on the same page for hours, before somehow unfreezing itself, and just this morning ( day 3 ) . I unplugged it from it's charger, to read a book and it would not power on... tried the power and n button. tried 5 secs, 10 secs.. 20 secs... I was freaking a little, at 200 bucks, it's a cheap tablet BUT 200 Bucks is still alot of money to most of us and I do hope B&N does something about this, or I'm buying a Kindle. With this many people having the same issue, it's obviously a hardware problem. I purchased mine at Staples, btw and was very dissapointed in the total lack of knowledge from their staff. I looked at both the color and the tablet and was told, that color does not support netflix etc... I bought the tablet, only to have these issues, now. Not good... not good at all. Even if it does come back on, after holding power for 20 seconds... I should not have to sit here and press the button for ages, nor should I have to remove my SD card, just to make it work correctly. That defeats the purpose of being able to expand storage.

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                                    This happened to my NT shortly after purchasing it in January, but did not crop up again until this morning.  It happens whether or not I have the microSD card in, whether or not I have it connected to the power adapter or to my computer (always with the NT cord).  So far, I'm really digging the size and hardware, and would hate to have to go out searching for a nice, inexpensive tablet with a visually pleasing and responsive touch screen.


                                    But, if this is an issue that B&N hasn't fixed, and I'm just as likely to have the issue after swapping it out for a new one, I may not have a choice.  Any word on if this has been addressed in a more permanent manner?

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                                      Thanks for the solution
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                                        I just got my 2nd Nook Tablet yesterday.  I bought my first on July 4th. We were on vacation and I was trying to look at Google Map when the Tablet froze and then went dead. It was fully charged at the time. Nothing I tried worked. I took it back to B&N and they were unable to get it to come on. So they gave me anotherone. Hopefully I will have better luck with this one.

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                                            I just got off the phone with Bernard in customer service.  I did all he asked, and prior to that I was on line with someone who also tried to help me. 


                                            My tablet will not power on, and I did every thing they asked.



                                            I want to say what a great experience it was with both customer service people.  Because of the problem I am haveing it replaced.  I will say I bought mine in December of 2011 and did not have any problems till today.



                                            Thank you B&N for great service.:smileyhappy:

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                                            Thank you BN Community! I've had my nook since last September and it has worked fine until a couple of days ago. I was debating going back to Barnes and Noble to ask them--then thought to check here. Holding down the power button for 20 seconds worked like a charm...and when it came up it gave a message saying it was downloading an update and not to turn it off. After about a minute all was well. I've had an update and it's working fine.


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                                              I bought my nook last month 10/23/12 and Im on my thrid one already first one froze and wouldnt charge the second refuse to turn on now Im waiting for a replacement BN nows theres problems with this tablet they should recall them or fix the problem Im about tired and would just like to have my money back.. I bought a new product I dont feel I should have to settle for a pre owned one that still has the same problems.

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                                                Hi im writing on behalf of my niece who recieved her first Nook from the big guy on christmas day..I started downloading my games first and my movies and books and my dora.  This morning i turned it on to watch a movie i fell asleep and when i woke up and it wouldnt tun on ..i told my mommy who brought it to my aunt linda who is writting to you...

                                                I tryed to turn it on my holding the button for a while with no response. I suggested that she let it completly die the let it completly charge hold on button while still plugged in ...will let you know results.

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                                                  Having purchased a Nook tablet and having to deal with B&N technical/customer service, I now have a much better understanding why this company is in trouble.

                                                  My Nook tablet had the powering up problem from the get go that others are speaking about here and the person  in the technical department on the other end of the phone told me there was nothing he could do until I registered a credit card with B&N. He continued to repeat the same sentence each time in response to my question as to how this was going to help my Nook perform adequately. My frustration cause me to terminate the conversation.

                                                  For several months, my Nook Tablet would not come on without me having to push and hold that stupid button 30 or 40 times when finally I remembered what was said to me as to what the definition of insanity is and that is when one continues to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I made another call to the technical support of Barns and Nobel and OMG what FU*****nightmare! After three hours of constantly being placed on hold, having to hang up and get back in line for another representative, they have decided to exchange mine with someone else defective tablet that they said "is fixed". I purchased new, I want new. "Sorry Sir, that's all we can do for you" 

                                                  I'm really afraid, I'm going to have to eat the cost and go purchase a Kindle Fire.

                                                  And there is NO ONE within their system that will hear your complaint.  "Sorry Sir, that is all we can do for you"

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                                                    I've tried

                                                    power 4-6 times

                                                    power with n 10-20 times

                                                    usb to computer

                                                    SD card in and out


                                                    All give the picture of little nook and red !


                                                    Nothing works

                                                    Does anyone have a fix?


                                                    Nook support says they sent a update but since it doen't boot nothing working.



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                                                      sorry was supposed to be on another thread

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                                                        So, how do you do a hard reset on a Nook? And, is the power button the same as the volume button (since I don't have any other buttons to choose from).

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                                                          Just go my first Nook (Simple Touch Glow Light), maybe the laste one. Bought it at John Lewis in London, 2 days ago. Went back to my home country. Charged overnight, followed the instructions, except nothing has happened yet. Have no SD card to remove, tried all the tricks with one button, two buttons, 4 secs, 20 secs, 5 min etc. Cannot see when it is off or on, since it has never come to conciousness. Connected to my computer via USB, plugged in, just showing me mockingly: "Fully charge before first use. Press the [on/off] button on the back to power up."