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        Same here.... had it for 3 days, worked great, I love my Nook Tablet. Then the internet started freezing on the same page for hours, before somehow unfreezing itself, and just this morning ( day 3 ) . I unplugged it from it's charger, to read a book and it would not power on... tried the power and n button. tried 5 secs, 10 secs.. 20 secs... I was freaking a little, at 200 bucks, it's a cheap tablet BUT 200 Bucks is still alot of money to most of us and I do hope B&N does something about this, or I'm buying a Kindle. With this many people having the same issue, it's obviously a hardware problem. I purchased mine at Staples, btw and was very dissapointed in the total lack of knowledge from their staff. I looked at both the color and the tablet and was told, that color does not support netflix etc... I bought the tablet, only to have these issues, now. Not good... not good at all. Even if it does come back on, after holding power for 20 seconds... I should not have to sit here and press the button for ages, nor should I have to remove my SD card, just to make it work correctly. That defeats the purpose of being able to expand storage.

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          Buying a nook has been a disaster.  My first one had power problems.  I live near a B&N so went in every time it happened and it would come back on.  But finally talked them into exchanging that Nook for another since I was going on a 3 week vacation.  This one has power problems too.  Sometimes it comes back on in 15-20 minutes and others times it will take hours.  I just tried the 20 second holding  power button and N book and it just worked.  So, I'll see what happens the next time.  There is no reason for this to ne happening so often and especially with two separate units.

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            Thank you for your advice.  The B&N Nook Online Customer Support person could not help and told me to take mine back to the store for help.  I knew there had to be a fix somewhere out there, You just can't find it on their website.

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              Thanks for the solution
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                I just got my 2nd Nook Tablet yesterday.  I bought my first on July 4th. We were on vacation and I was trying to look at Google Map when the Tablet froze and then went dead. It was fully charged at the time. Nothing I tried worked. I took it back to B&N and they were unable to get it to come on. So they gave me anotherone. Hopefully I will have better luck with this one.

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                  I just got off the phone with Bernard in customer service.  I did all he asked, and prior to that I was on line with someone who also tried to help me. 


                  My tablet will not power on, and I did every thing they asked.



                  I want to say what a great experience it was with both customer service people.  Because of the problem I am haveing it replaced.  I will say I bought mine in December of 2011 and did not have any problems till today.



                  Thank you B&N for great service.:smileyhappy:

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                    Since the problem kept happening, I took it in to my local store today.  They swapped it out for a new one, as expected.  I asked their Nook expert what I should do if it comes up again, and as he professed no knowledge of this kind of problem, to address that if it came up.


                    If it happens again, I'll post again, and probably ask the store for my money back, politely and firmly.

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                      It should also be noted that I wasn't given a new Nook, I was given a "Certified Pre-Owned Nook."  So said the giant sticker that sealed the box shut.

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                        Oh my goodness! That worked. My screen was black and would not turn on. I thought my nook was a goner. However you figured this out, thanks!!
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                          i just replaced my charger cord a week ago and then this happened. ur solution really helped thanks!


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                            I've only had my Nook for two months and I am having the same power problems.  Just got off the phone w/ customer service, they are replacing my Nook w/ a refurbished one.  Not happy but maybe they have corrected the hardware problems and I won't have to deal with the problem again, like many have on this thread...I love my Nook but will switch to something else if this does not fix the problem.  Good luck Nook users, that's all I can say  :smileyhappy:

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                              Thank you to everyone who wrote in, my tab is now working. I received it as a Xmas gift in 2011 and it just froze now in 10/12 I have been lucky I guess.
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                                Thanks!  Your method worked.

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                                  Thanks so much, this made my tablet finally come on!!!
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                                    Thank you BN Community! I've had my nook since last September and it has worked fine until a couple of days ago. I was debating going back to Barnes and Noble to ask them--then thought to check here. Holding down the power button for 20 seconds worked like a charm...and when it came up it gave a message saying it was downloading an update and not to turn it off. After about a minute all was well. I've had an update and it's working fine.


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