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    Book not available as an eBook:


      Up until recently, when searching for tittles, if a book wasn't available as an eBook, you could select:

      notify author and publisher you would like to see this as a eBook. What happen to this feature?

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          Hi Kimba 88,   This is a real problem for me too. The missing Tell the publisher Button,  has been missing for a couple of months,  It may have been when B&N  changed the web site. I have been going to AMAZON to tell the publisher when I would like to see an e book offered.  Hope this helps.

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            We also need a button to ask B&N to carry a book that Kobo or Sony have in ePub form. I've been buying them over there and side-loading to my Nook but it seems to make more sense if you can get it from here.

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              This problem has been addressed in a previous thread. Apparently when B&N updated its web site it caused some browsers to be unable to display the "tell publisher you want this as an e-book" button. I'm not sure about which browsers work and which don't. B&N is aware of the problem but seem to be taking their time fixing it.

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                  I wish the button was there as well.


                  I saw several books today at Borders that I skipped out on (at 90 percent off no less) becuase I wanted to download them at home. Turns out B&N doesn't carry them digitally but Amazon does. Alot of sci-fi and fantasy novels are being carried by Amazon digitally that B&N doesn't and it is really giving me a reason to consider switching.