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      A friend whom I recommended the NC to and she subsequently bought one asked me these questions and I hadn't even thought about it until she mentioned it


      1.  Is there a way to resize the icons?  What's there right now is pretty big and clunky.


      2.  Is there a way to create folders/subfolders?


      I've searched and I can't find a way to do either of these.


      Did I miss something???



        • Re: Folders
          As for icons, do you mean the ones on the home page? You use two fingers to pinch to make them smaller. In your library, you select the dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner, which has limited options. As far as folders, you could create them with the NC connected to a computer, but the NC wouldn't recognize them necessarily. One exception I did find was when using a microsdhc card that I had pictures on from having used the card in my digital camera. These pictures were in a folder in a folder. I inserted it into the NC as a test and the NC added the folders it normally uses, such as books, music, videos, documents, but it left my folders intact and pulled my pictures into the gallery.