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      I see my Sales Ranking dropping, but no record of sales.

      Are the Sales still not showing


          Ditto, no yesterday either and Iknow I had some.  None today and sales rank is better today


            Last week my daily sales were showing but my monthly sales were not.  This week the monthly data shows but the daily has vanished.  I guess B&N is still working out the kinks. 


              It happens occasionally and pubit always fixes it. I'm not worried.

              I do like the new layout of pubit. just wish I didn't have to log in every time I check my account. 

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                  Yep, same problem here. No daily sales showing since 1/4/2011. It used to show at least a zero if no sales, but now it doesn't even show that.

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                    Of the 9 days we've had so far in January 2011, I've had only two days of sales (one of the days had 3 unit-sales and the other 2 unit-sales  = "5"), with no sales appearing from the other 7 days. I have 32 ebooks on Pubit! and on other sellers as well and I don't have 7 day stretches of no sales on any of them (also didn't used to be the case on Pubit). The other two times this happended, were when the sales disappeared off the "my sales tab" and once they reappeared, my sales would not accrue for as much as a week at a time as is now occurring.


                    As long as the sales are being tracked regardless of what appears on my sales reports, I will be unconcerned. If they are literally lost this would be a different story but I would still not believe it to be intentional and I believe administration is truly doing their best . Not trying to be unreasonable or difficult (or unrealistic) but I'm certain beyond a doubt that my sales have remained dropped, ever since the first glitch occurred a couple months ago.


                    My "Today's Sales" and "Yesterday's Sales" links appear on my sales tab, they just don't have anything accruing in them. We'll just continue keeping our hopes up, that things will smooth-out and remain that way, sometime in the near future.   

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                        I've talked with several other people who also have books up on PubIt and it sounds like all of us are in the same boat. Like everyone else, I'm also hopeful that the sales reporting issues will get resolved soon. It was really nice to be able to watch sales in real-time, particularly when I had various promotions going on that were targetin BN.com users. It's far hard to judge the efficacy of my promotions the past week or so.


                        In any case, I wanted to also comment on how far back my sales spreadsheets are updating. I checked last night and noted on my spreadsheet that sales are still updating for me as far back as December 22nd. I'll admit it does feel a little bit like a gift every time I see the numbers getting bigger. :smileyhappy:






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                      I've not seen any sales reports since the 3rd as well.  My sales report for December has still not been reconciled.   I've held #1 spot for my category since december and my rank has increased a lot, but I have no idea what my sales are.  I trust that B&N is actually tracking the sales and will accurately report them.   I too have emailed numerous times and have had no response.


                      Anyway, I trust they will have the problem fixed soon.  I cannot imagine them not reporting sales to hide money that they owe to anyone.  They have a reputation to consider and they don't want a class action lawsuit against them ... so iI am sure it's only a matter of time before they fix the problem.  I just wish they would get it done soon.

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                        Someone suggested downloading Google Chrome browswer claiming that sales showed up for him only in that browswer.  I tried it, it does not help.

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                            None of my sales have showed up since the first of January. And my email to Publt was never answered. I am more than frustrated with the whole thing. Beginning to think i have wasted my time and efforts. But i sincerely hope that Pubit will prove me wrong. But this has gone on a long time now...I sure hope they do get it fixed soon...I do feel for the ones working on it...They are probably just as frustrated as we are....

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                                Don't be discouraged Sayndee.  There are thousands of authors that have been selling books.  I know that for a fact.  I am one of them, and I can prove that I have had numerous sales by ranking alone that have not been accounted for on the sales reports.  I am not the only one. It is happening with everyone at this time.


                                Barnes & Noble is not a foolish company.  They could never get away with selling what could amount to hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars of sales and not pay out the royalties that are due. That would be inviting a major class action suit against them that would force open their books and if it was found out they were ripping people off it would not be the smartest thing they ever did.  So don't worry, they would never put themselves in a position for that to occur.


                                I am sure it is as they say.  They were not prepared for the amount of e-book sales over the holidays that they received.  Sure, it seems odd that they did not have the foresight to handle sales but this is where we are.  They must not have been prepared.


                                Hang in there, it will work out.

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                              Whew, I'm glad I'm not the only one. My ranking went from the 400's a few days ago to 200 today with no sales showing. I knew that couldn't be right! You don't climb to 200 with no sales. I was almost afraid that it was the rank that was wrong. LOL

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                                  Whatever the problem is I am sure it will get worked out.  I have noticed that my sales for December have been increasing still.  I figure that they are more concerned with last months totals than this months.  They have added sales to December as late as Friday.  Normally Barnes updates at 10 pm and 10 am (Mtn. Timezone).  The bigger update happens in the evening, and then a smaller one in the morning.  Due to the weekend being over I would assume that we should see some increases again tonight, either on Decembers totals or January's.


                                  Just relax and let Barnes and Noble fix it.  Let's give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.  I know that the last couple of weeks has been kind of rough for us, but there are tons of us new authors in the system and sales are off the charts.  I am sure that Barnes would gladly be rid of these glitches as much as we would.  I am also sure that this is nothing malicious towards us authors on their end, it just happened during the update that was designed to benefit us.


                                  Let's let them do the reports and get back to doing what we do best, writing.


                                  If someone from Barnes and Noble does happen to read this, we would appreciate it if you kept us in the loop a little more when these things happen.

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                                  It looks like things are finally back to normal. Sales are being reported daily for me.


                                  I'm very excited to see that Bloated Goat is doing so well on B&N. Currently, I'm selling a 3 to 1 ratio of Nook over Kindle.

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                                    Does anyone know if this problem is being fixed? I have 2 people tell me they downloaded my book but I see no record of sales in my account.