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    Glowlight Issue


      Thrilled to get the Glowlight yesterday, but there's an issue.  When turning pages while using the Glowlight the glowlight brightens for about 2-3 seconds then dims.  This happens during each page turn.  It's somewhat distracting.  Am I doing something wrong or do I have a dud? 

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          That definitely does not sound right. I would return it for a new one. My light stays constant when turning pages and doesn't change at all.

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            I agree with the previous posters, I just tested mine and nothing like that happened.  Since you are in your grace period, return it asap.  It might be a defective device. 


            Good luck!

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              After a month of reading bliss with my GlowLight, I started experiencing problems with the quality of the characters reflected on the screen a few days ago.  The intensity of the characters was fading, slowly but surely.  I knew the contrast between the NST and the NSTGL was somewhat visible, however, in my case it was remarkably obvious. 


              I went to one of my two nearest stores and explained to the manager the situation.  She looked at it and saw what my problem was.  She told me she did not have enough units for a replacement, however she was gracious enough to call another B&N store that was on my way to work.  They said they would be more than happy to exchange my defective unit with a brand new one. 


              When I went to the store, the exchange was made efficiently and professionally.  I am happy to say that the quality of the new one is superior to the first one I had.  The characters are crispier and fresher and the screen does not display the yellowish tones it had before.  I am a satisfied customer.


              Customer service was beyond, far beyond, my expectations.