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    Ebook sales drastically down in February

      I've noticed that my ebook sales are drastically down this month. They are less than half of what they were this time last month. I can understand sales going down some, but to drop to almost 40% of what it was last month seems very odd. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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          Having done books ales (both traditional and e-book) for a bit now, I can say- for me, January and December have always been huge months with February, March April being slow and then slowly picking up steam as the year goes on. 

          Nothing can compare to January with all those new ereaders and gift cards out there! :smileyhappy:

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            Yep, I'm noticing the same decline in sales this month at B&N, but my sales have increased quite a bit on Amazon.  I have no idea why!  I'm hoping that this is just a slump and sales will pick back up soon for all of us. :smileysad:




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                Yup. I've only just sold half of what I did for the month of January. So you're not the only one selling below par.



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                  My sales have decreased drastically at BN this month too! At this pace in February, I will have sold only 25 percent of what I did on BN in January. Meanwhile, sales have continued to grow at Amazon.


                  To me, this indicates not an overall slump in sales due to the time of year, but that something has changed with my book's visibility at BN.


                  At first, I believed it was because my search keywords vanished. That certainly didn't help. But now, I've added them back, and half of them don't work. My book is basically unfindable unless you come specifically looking for the title or my name. The working searches are too broad, offering hundreds of books, and my more narrow searches don't work at all.


                  I was thrilled to join PubIt, and I realize it is still a new service, but I really wish we were kept abreast of what is happening and made aware that they are working to resolve the issues.



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                   There were not as many responses as I expected for February sales. But most of those who responded agreed that February sales are less than January sales.


                  Now it is March. I don't know about others but March sales are even lower than February sales. I had been selling almost 10 times more books at the peak of season at BN than Amazon kindle. But in March Amazon kindle sales are about the same as for BN nook.


                  I don't know if it's just me.  More than that the reason for drop in sales is not clear. Unless you know the reason, it is hard to fix the problem.


                  Is there a discussion board/ thread that discusses book marketing at BN boards? Wish the best to all.



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                    My B&N ebook sales were down last month but paperback sales were up at B&N. 

                    My sales usually tweeter out during the summer kinda early for a drought.  My ebook Sales are are way up at u know where. 

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                        Looks like we are giving wrong impression.  I always liked BN and as I said: have sold 5-times more books at BN. But now it is about the same, may be still slightly higher at BN.


                        I am working on promotion and trying to figure out the reason. I feel certain we will get back to higher sales.


                        I wish you all the very best.

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                            Something else just occured to me.

                            A certain portion of PubIt's sales are through the iBookstore - that is through a Nook application for the iPad. There's been a lot of haggling around that as Apple demands a larger slice of the pie. I believe that's why Lulu, for instance, has had big hold-ups on that end of things.

                            I'm wondering if some of the sales which used to be made via the Nook for the iPad have been cut off somewhere along the line.

                            Just an idea.

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                          Although I am very new to ebook publishing, est. January 2011, I have done a lot of reading on promoting my e-books. My March sales were the best.


                          FIRST - your cover alone determines the sale of your book.  I have changed my first books covers and sales took off.  Paying for a quality stock photo is worth it's return.  Although some of my old covers still show up on pub it along with new covers as I have published on my own and through smashwords.


                          Here are a few things that boost my sales on a book several weeks after it was out and pushed down the list. 


                          One is I reloaded all my books with a newer version once I completed a new book.  At the end of each of my books there is a picture, a link to each of my books and a short outline.  Time consuming at first then becomes fast and easy.  Each time I have done this older book sales jumped.  Also I have a cover pic and description of upcoming books planned.


                          Two is I utilize Smashwords.com for a promoting tool.  I upload my new book to Pubit and Kindle then to smashwords.  Smashwords takes a few weeks to distribute once it's approved for premium distribution.  In the meantime I make that book free after a few weeks of charging but before it's accepted to premium catalog distribution.  Everytime I have a book free my older book sales seem to jump.


                          Facebook: post the link to your book.  When I post my smashwords.com link it includes a pic and description and link back to book. 


                          Blogging, I am told, it a huge way to boost sales.  I am very new to blogging, however I just read an interesting article that stated just writing an article pretaining to publishing an ebook and list your website or books will increase sales.  I am currently pulling together a free ebook to help all the other Indie authors out there - hoping to eliminate the multitude of headaches and mistakes I made the first two months - there were plenty.


                          Find another Indie Author that writes in the same genre as you and promote each other on your websites.  Only include other authors you feel have the same quality and caliber of work as you.  I have had a few friends that read all my books that weren't into chick lit romance and when they read all mine they wanted to know other authors they could read.


                          Join a local book club and put your business card up at local coffee shops and get this... book store community boards.  I still buy paper books and ebooks so as a consumer I see this seems funny but I've gotten sales.


                          Good Luck Everyone, I hope this helps.

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                            April is no better. Amazon is selling more than BN for the first time.  All of us seem to have the same pattern.  I hope one day we will know this mystery. Wish you all the best in your book sales everyone. Take care.