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    Touch screen not being responsive when trying to highlight and type

      When i'm trying to highlight with my nook color a fair amount of time (specially when i'm on the edges of a page trying to highlight) the "word Selection" doesn't appear. And when it does increasing the ammount of words i am highlighting in frustration because it will only move partialy the way down to were i moved my finger. When it even follows my finger hitting the highlight button sometimes doesn't work either and then the nook color will loose/deselect all the words I highlighted.


      Also when i'm typing in notes or in a web browser the screen is not registering the keys i'm pressing and sometimes when i press the letter twice (with a few seconds inbetween each press) the nook color will double or tripple click my letter making me now having to delete the mispelled word it has created.


      Is anyone else having the issues and any suggestions on repairing this? i've only had the nook color for about a month so far and verified i'm on the latest version of the Nook Color OS.