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    Disappearing App Problems

      I'm seeing a lot of people posting about problems with Twitter disappearing, and a few adding that Google Music is doing the same thing. I'm having problems with both of those apps, and now Google Calendar as well.  


      Twitter disappears, but will let me uninstall and reinstall from the Google Play store.  But after about 5 minutes after reinstall, it disappears again.


      Google Music won't let me reinstall.  It says it is already installed on the device, but I can't get to it from anywhere.


      Google Calendar seems to be the same as Google Music.  


      It seems to be just apps that are pre-installed, but that also hve Google Play versions.  I have all auto-updates in the Google Play store turned off, so one shouldn't be trying to overwrite the other.  I'd love a solution that doesn't involve wiping the entire device to factory settings.  


      Anyone have any ideas?

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          Google Music - the workaround is the use the widget.


          Google Calendar. Perhaps there's a widget too.


          Twitter - don't know. Use the browser perhaps.

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            This may sound crazy, but do you have more than one profile on the device? If you do, are you making sure you use the same profile each time you're using the device?


            I ask because I noticed as I was setting up a second profile my husband on our devices, some apps that were on the primary profile did not automatically show up in the secondary profile - I had to add them. If you're not accidentally using two different profiles then I have no idea what might be going on.

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              I actually just fixed this issue! im glad I'm not the only one. Twitter would vanish but say its installed from google play. I fixed this by going to the app folder on the nook and clicking the option button in the bottom left corner and clicked check for updates. Now I have the updated nook version of twitter installed and it works fine. :smileyhappy: