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    Please Help (Adding E-books to shelf from SD card)

      Good evening,


      I recently got a Nook tablet (latest software) and am easily able to add books to my shelf that are stored on the Nook itself.


      HERE IS MY PROBLEM: I cannot seem to find a way to add e-books to my shelf that are stored on my microSD card. I can open and read them just fine. But unfortunately I cannot find a way to click "add to shelf". 


      Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me? I want to keep them on the SD card so I don't fill up all of my Nook space. I like the visual concept of the shelf instead of the file browser on the SD card.


      Thank you all!

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          It looks to me like the NT changed the interface to align more with how shelving is done on the Nook Simple Touch.  I'm not very happy with it, prefer the NC UI or something wholly new, but it is what it is.  I've found I need to create my shelves then Edit them.  This opens up a scrolling list of all your books -- including the ones on your SD card -- where you select which books appear on that shelf by checking boxes.  Of course, this means you can have one book on multiple shelves and you may miss one or two books that you wanted on that shelf because you scrolled past them or didn't read their titles right.

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              Thanks for the response. Unfortunately it seems I can't select books from my SD card on that list (as they are not shown). These are .epub files that have been legally downloaded from sites that host public domain books.


              Any other advice?


              Thank you.

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                  I have another way you might be able to do it (at least it works for me).  If you select the tiny little sd card icon on the lower left of the screen, it says "click to browse sd content...".  Using the list of folders that's presented to you, find your downloaded ebooks on your sd card.  Once you've found them, if you press and hold on any of the files, it shows you a window with some selections Read, View Details, etc., one of the choices is Add to Shelf.  Mind you, it seems you can only add these titles to "My Shelves", but you can add as many shelves as you want (I think).  Then to see the shelf with your book additions on it, go to your library, then at the far right there's a button that says My Stuff", select My Shelves from there and your books will be on the shelf you created.  You have to add them one at a time, but at least you can do it.  Hope this helps. 

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                I had this same problem and read somewhere that it could be fixed by turning the Tablet off and then back on again.  It did in fact solve the problem for me.  It seemed to refresh the Tablet and my books on the SD card then had the option to "add to shelf".